What does lysis mean in medical term?

What does lysis mean in medical term?

Listen to pronunciation. (LY-sis) In biology, lysis refers to the breakdown of a cell caused by damage to its plasma (outer) membrane. It can be caused by chemical or physical means (for example, strong detergents or high-energy sound waves) or by infection with a strain virus that can lyse cells.

What does recalcitrant mean in medical terms?

Recalcitrant: Stubborn. For example, a recalcitrant case of pneumonia stubbornly resists treatment.

What does lysis mean for a cell?

(suffix: –lysis) Decomposition, breakdown or disintegration. Supplement. (cytology) Lysis occurs as a result of viral or osmotic mechanisms that compromise the integrity of the cell membrane.

What is lysis simple?

Definition of lysis (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the gradual decline of a disease process (such as fever) 2 : a process of disintegration or dissolution (as of cells)

What makes someone recalcitrant?

Recalcitrant is from Latin calcitrare, meaning “to kick,” so someone who is recalcitrant is kicking back against what’s wanted of them. Synonyms are unruly, intractable, and refractory, all referring to what is difficult to manage or control.

What is an example of lysis?

Lysis: Destruction. Hemolysis is the destruction of red blood cells with the release of hemoglobin; bacteriolysis is the destruction of bacteria; etc. Lysis can also refer to the subsidence of one or more symptoms of an acute disease as, for example, the lysis of fever in pneumonia.

What happens during lysis?

Cell lysis or cellular disruption is a method in which the outer boundary or cell membrane is broken down or destroyed in order to release inter-cellular materials such as DNA, RNA, protein or organelles from a cell.

Does recalcitrant mean stubborn?

Stubbornly resistant to or defiant of authority or guidance. The definition of recalcitrant is having behavior that is difficult to deal with and being uncooperative with authority. Marked by a stubborn unwillingness to obey authority. …

Which is the best definition of lysis in medical terms?

1. destruction or decomposition, as of a cell or other substance, under the influence of a specific agent. 2. mobilization of an organ by division of restraining adhesions. 3. gradual abatement of the clinical signs of a disease, e.g. lysis of a fever.

What is the medical definition of ” recalcitrant “?

Medical Definition of recalcitrant. : not responsive to treatment severe recalcitrant psoriasis recalcitrant warts. Keep scrolling for more. Comments on recalcitrant. What made you want to look up recalcitrant? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Show Comments.

When does tumor lysis syndrome occur in humans?

Tumor lysis syndrome sometimes happens after cancer treatment destroys tumors. If tumors break down too quickly, the kidneys may have trouble disposing of tumor material.

What happens if you bleed during lysis treatment?

If you start bleeding during the treatment, your doctor or healthcare provider will stop the treatment immediately. Bleeding can occur in the following areas: Also, as the clot dissolves, part of the clot could break off and travel to another organ such as the lungs or legs to block another vessel.