What does it mean to drop the lowest grade?

What does it mean to drop the lowest grade?

Dropping the lowest score means no or fewer make-up exams or quizzes, which is a good thing for the teacher. It also makes it possible for students to do poorly on one assessment and still do well in the course.

How do you drop the lowest grade?

How to use the Drop Lowest grade settingNavigate to your course.Click Grade Setup.Select a Grading Category.Select the number of lowest grades to drop from the Drop lowest menu.

How do you drop the lowest grade in Moodle?

Click on the ‘Edit’ drop-down for the category and select ‘Edit settings’ from the drop-down option. Then in the ‘Grade category’ section, click the ‘Show more…’ link. At this point, you will see a setting titled, ‘Drop the lowest. ‘ Put the number of grades that you wish to drop in the box.

Do teachers drop the lowest grade?

Many teachers allow students to drop the lowest score from a sequence of quizzes, tests, or homework assignments. When the number of grades is large, some teachers will even allow students to drop several of their low- est scores. In some circumstances, it can be non-trivial to determine the best grades to drop.