What does Descartes say about rationalism?

What does Descartes say about rationalism?

Rationalists, such as Descartes, have claimed that we can know by intuition and deduction that God exists and created the world, that our mind and body are distinct substances, and that the angles of a triangle equal two right angles, where all of these claims are truths about an external reality independent of our …

What did Plato and Descartes believe?

René Descartes and Plato, two well-known philosophers, argue that people have a mind or soul, which is somehow connected with the body, but the mind or soul can exist independently from our body. Descartes introduces the mind-body argument while Plato presents the soul-body argument.

What was Descartes rationalism inspired by?

During this period Descartes was profoundly influenced by three dreams which he had on Nov. 10, 1619, in Ulm, Germany. He interpreted their symbols as a divine sign that all science is one and that its mastery is universal wisdom.

Why are both Plato and Descartes considered to be rationalists in epistemology?

17. Plato’s rationalism is a foundationalist epistemology because it assumes that real knowledge is possible only if it is based on some certain, unchanging priniciples (which in Plato’s case are the Forms). According to Descartes, knowledge is justified only if it is based on an undoubtable principle or belief.

Is Plato the father of rationalism?

The father of rationalism is Plato.

Which is an example of descartes’approach to rationalism?

As an example of Descartes’ approach to rationalism, consider polygons (i.e. closed, plane figures in geometry). How do we know that something is a triangle as opposed to a square?

What did Plato mean by the process of reason?

Rationalism is the process of reason. One of the most influential men that crossed into the realm of rational thought is Plato. Plato’s ideals shaped reason and through his Cave Allegory he explains how the physical world is shaped by our perception of it.

Who are some famous people who believe in rationalism?

In the Western tradition, it boasts a long and distinguished list of followers, including Plato, Descartes, and Kant. Rationalism continues to be a major philosophical approach to decision-making today. How do we come to know objects — through the senses or through reason? According to Descartes , the latter option is the correct one.

What was Descartes view of the mind and reason?

Moreover, according to Cushman, Descartes “demanded the same return to an uncorrupted mind for understanding that Rousseau many years later demanded for the heart” (II, 70). Descartes’ view of the mind or reason was of an unfallen entity whose judgments are final, and this is basic to all rationalism and exposes its non-Christian character.