What does Blazonry mean?

What does Blazonry mean?

1 : to publish widely : proclaim. 2a : to describe (heraldic or armorial bearings) in technical terms. b : to represent (armorial bearings) in drawing or engraving. 3a : display. b : deck, adorn the town was blazoned with flags.

What is a blazon in heraldry?

In heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms, flag or similar emblem, from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate image. The verb to blazon means to create such a description.

What does the word baldric mean?

: an often ornamented belt worn over one shoulder to support a sword or bugle.

What does Inveterately mean?

1 : confirmed in a habit : habitual an inveterate liar. 2 : firmly established by long persistence the inveterate tendency to overlook the obvious.

What is a blazon in literature?

Blazon: French for “coat-of-arms” or “shield.” A literary blazon (or blason) catalogues the physical attributes of a subject, usually female. The device was made popular by Petrarch and used extensively by Elizabethan poets.

Is it blazoned or emblazoned?

As verbs the difference between emblazon and blazon is that emblazon is to adorn with prominent markings while blazon is to describe a coat of arms.

What is heraldry define in your own words?

1 : the practice of devising, blazoning, and granting armorial insignia and of tracing and recording genealogies. 2 : an armorial ensign broadly : insignia.

What does Unarmorial mean?

1. noun unarmorial a book containing heraldic bearings and devices.

What does the name Blazon mean?

Blazon means to proclaim or portray. An example of blazon is for the town crier to make an announcement. The definition of a blazon is a coat of arms, or a showy display. An example of a blazon is a family crest.

What is a sentence with blazon?

Definition of Blazon. to exhibit in a vivid manner. Examples of Blazon in a sentence. To blazon his wealth, the king wore a crown adorned with hundreds of jewels. 🔊. After the championship game, the players will blazon their victory by running through the stands with the trophy. 🔊.

What is a blazon in poetry?

Explanation: In poetry, a blazon refers to a type of poem in which the physical attributes of a person, mostly a woman, are compared to other objects including jewels, natural elements, celestial bodies or any other element consider as beautiful.

What does blazon out mean?

cry, blazon out (verb) proclaim or announce in public “before we had newspapers, a town crier would cry the news”; “He cried his merchandise in the market square”