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What does a tailboard mean?

What does a tailboard mean?

tailboard. / (ˈteɪlˌbɔːd) / noun. a board at the rear of a lorry, wagon, etc, that can be removed or let down on a hinge.

What is a tailboard used for?

1. a board or gate at the back of a wagon, truck, station wagon, etc., that can be removed or let down for loading or unloading.

What is tailboard loading?

Webster Dictionary Tailboardnoun. the board at the rear end of a cart or wagon, which can be removed or let down, for convenience in loading or unloading.

What does Taliboard mean?

/ˈteɪl.bɔːd/ (US tailgate) the door or board at the back of a vehicle that can be brought down to put in goods.

What is a tailboard meeting?

Tailboard Meetings often are nothing but a lecture without generating conversation or discussion about potential hazards and dangers employees may face. Thinking in depth about how bad things could possibly get does shed light on potential hazards and creates more discussion about safer work habits. Be safe out there!

What is a safety tailboard?

Tailboard Safety is a monthly loss prevention program created for our clients. The intent is to provide information on current safety issues facing emergency responders in a format that will quickly and effectively communicate a safe practice to implement and relate directly to your organization.

What is a tailboard dock?

Trucks with hydraulic tailboards need a space under the dock leveller, known as a “letter box”. The tailboard slides under the dock leveller into the letter box to allow unrestricted use of the leveller. This PVC seal bends away as soon as the truck reverses.

What is a toolbox talk?

A ‘toolbox talk’ is a short presentation to the workforce on a single aspect of health and safety. We prepare toolbox talks to save you the time and effort of writing them yourself. They may be in PowerPoint, portable document format (pdf) or as video.

What is tailgate training?

Tailgate training is a gathering of a small group of workers around the tailgate of a truck or other spot for a brief training session on a single safety topic. Plan logistics. • Limit sessions to a small number of workers. Six to 10 is a good number.

What is a loading dock door called?

Overhead doors. A type of industrial dock door that is made up of sectional doors that move within tracks. They typically include insulated panels and operational systems, and are efficient for most standard loading docks.