What do the oh hellos sing about?

What do the oh hellos sing about?

“‘Torches’ is a song about violent nationalism and tribalism, and how easy it is to hate what you don’t know,” Tyler told NPR. Notos is the first of four EPs that The Oh Hellos will release over coming months.

What was wormwood used for?

As a traditional medicine, wormwood was used by herbalists as a bitter to improve digestion. More. As a traditional medicine, wormwood was used by herbalists as a bitter to improve digestion.

What is the word wormwood mean?

1 : artemisia especially : a European plant (Artemisia absinthium) that has silvery silky-haired leaves and drooping yellow flower heads and yields a bitter dark green oil used in absinthe. 2 : something bitter or grievous : bitterness.

What instrument do the oh hellos use?

The Texas-native sibling duo was accompanied by a large band that played a variety of instruments including drums, accordion, banjo and violin. The band members contributed to the concert’s high-energy feel with elaborate jumps and head-banging, giving off the impression they were having the time of their lives.

What is the biblical meaning of wormwood?

A number of Bible scholars consider the term Wormwood to be a purely symbolic representation of the bitterness that will fill the earth during troubled times, noting that the plant for which Wormwood is named, Artemisia absinthium, or Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, is a known biblical metaphor for things that are …

What is the biblical definition of wormwood?

What is another word for wormwood?

Wormwood is also known by common names such as in Engl.: green ginger, grand wormwood, American or Western wormwood, Madder wort, wormwood sage; in French: Absinth (e), Armoise Amère, Herbe aux Vers, Herbe d′Absinthe, Herbe Sainte, in German: Wermut, Wermutkraut, Bitterer Beifuβ.

What was the album Dear Wormwood inspired by?

The sophomore album, Dear Wormwood, however, had many more hands on deck. The album demonstrates a progression in depth and an expansion in the lyric-writing to include perspectives outside that of the singer. Somewhat of a concept album, Dear Wormwood was inspired by character interplays and metaphors drawn from C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters.

How does Wormwood work as a magical herb?

We do not make any spiritual representations for WORMWOOD, and sell it as a genuine botanical Curio only. A protective magical herb, prevents accidents; stimulates psychic visions and magical contact with spirits. Many more folkloric magical spells utilizing WORMWOOD can be found in the book “Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic” by catherine yronwode .

Why is Wormwood used as a distilled beverage?

WORMWOOD is a famous herb because it is used in the manufacture of a distilled beverage called Absinthe, which has a reputation for Inducing Visions. Medically, it was once used to expel Worms frOm the body.

What does Wormwood mean in the New Testament?

For you have turned judgment into bitterness, and the fruit of justice into wormwood.” Clearly then, wormwood can refer to the bitterness experienced through God’s judgment of sinful mankind as it was in both the Old and the New Testament.