What are the support cards for six samurai?

What are the support cards for six samurai?

For a list of support cards, see List of “Six Samurai” support cards. For a list of anti-support cards, see List of “Six Samurai” anti-support cards. 六武衆推参! 六武衆推参!

What kind of cards are in the Constellar deck?

Constellar Deck 1 Constellar Virgo (x3) 2 Constellar Achubens (x2) 3 Constellar Antares (x3) 4 Constellar Sheratan (x2) 5 Constellar Rasalhague (x2) 6 Constellar Pollux (x2) 7 Constellar Leonis (x2) 8 Constellar Aldebaran (x2) 9 Constellar Alreshca (x2) 10 Constellar Algiedi (x1)

What do you need to know about the six samurai deck?

A Six Samurai Deck focuses on getting two or more Six Samurai monsters on the field at a time so as to use their effects. Any card with “Six Samurai” in its card name is considered a “Six Samurai” monster. The Six Samurai Deck relies on swarming the field. A very good but uncommon combo is summoning 4 monsters in one turn.

What’s the best combo for the six samurai?

Another good combo with the Six Samurai Deck is that of “Inferno Reckless Summon”, this works very well with “Swiftstrike Armor”. It allows you to get many effect’s in one turn, and the best thing is, although the Six Samurai’s are naturally fairly weak strength wise, you may special summon in defense position (which means you are untouched).

What kind of deck is six samurai synchro?

Duel Links Six Samurai Synchro deck, Six Samurai Synchro in the current meta, how to use. “Six Samurai” is an archetype of Warrior-Type monsters that was originally introduced in Blades of Spirit and whose main strategy revolves around swarming the field with multiple Level 4 or lower monsters.

How do you Synchro a six samurai monster?

Being a Six Samurai monster, you can Normal Summon it and then Special Kizan from your hand as its synchro pair. Fuma’s floating effect lets you Special Summon a Six Samurai monster from the deck. This lets you slightly stall during the opponent’s turn and prepares a level-4 to use as synchro material the next turn.

What happens to a well played six samurai deck?

Usually, a well-played “Six Samurai” Deck poses a big threat to Decks that rely on a few powerful Spell and/or Trap cards to function. It can lock down, or at least greatly stall, them in the early game and keep its’ own field untouchable.