What are the issues in the electoral process in India?

What are the issues in the electoral process in India?

There are multiple issues plaguing the electoral process in India. Some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below. Money Power. In every constituency, candidates have to spend crores of rupees for campaigning, publicity, etc. Most candidates far exceed the permissible limit of expenses.

Which is the best electoral reform in India?

Enhancing the imprisonment period for those furnishing incorrect details in poll affidavits from existing six months to two years is a key electoral reform proposal of the Election Commission. A two-year jail term could bar the candidate from contesting elections for six years.

How is counting of votes done in India?

However, there is no hard and fast rule as to the counting of votes and the Election authorities are free to mix up the ballot papers from all the booths, if the feel that it ensured secrecy with regard to the pattern of voting. The candidate who obtains the highest number of votes is declared elected. 7.

How is the Government of India set up?

India is a federal country, and the Constitution gives the States and Union Territories significant control over their own government. The Vidhan Sabhas (legislative assemblies) are directly elected bodies set up to carry out the administration of the government in the 29 states of India.

How are the political parties campaigning in India?

Campaign strategies of Indian political parties have a rarely moved away from traditional methods of broadcast campaigning of printing campaign posters, playing tv and radio ads and door-to-door campaigning. These methods have given them results in the past and so few campaign managers saw reason to change a winning strategy.

What are the challenges of running a campaign?

No candidate in a race of significant size can go it alone. One of the first challenges a candidate will face is finding a core group of volunteers. These people will become the campaign staff who will organize events, coordinate fundraising, grow a volunteer base, handle sign distribution and mailings. A campaign committee is a legal entity.