What are the different scotches?

What are the different scotches?

There are five Scotch Whisky regions – Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland and Speyside. Each offers a different perspective on Scotch Whisky.

What are the best Islay scotches?

Smoke Forward: 12 Best Islay Scotch Whiskies

  • Laphroaig Quarter Cask. It would be foolish indeed to not include one of our favorite single malts from one of our favorite Islay distilleries.
  • Kilchoman Machir Bay.
  • Lagavulin 16 Year.
  • Caol Ila 12 Year.
  • Ardbeg Uigeadial.
  • Port Charlotte 2008.
  • Isle Of Jura 16 Year.
  • Tobermory 15 Year.

Are all Islay scotches peaty?

Especially the distilleries on Islay produce heavily peated whisky, above all Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Caol Ila, Ardbeg and Bowmore. The smoke flavour of these whiskies is so strong that they bring a significantly smoky note to blended scotch, even when diluted with water and grain whiskies at a ratio of 1:20.

What is peated scotch?

Peated whisky is given a smoky flavour by compounds which are released by the peat fires used to dry malted barley. The accumulation of water in boggy areas slows down the decomposition of plant material such as moss, grass and tree roots which leads to the creation of peat. …

Why is Islay Scotch so good?

All of the location factors: peat, mild temperatures, constant rain contribute to the flavor of the liquid. In fact, it is these very characteristics that make Islay the gem of the single malt regions and producer of some of the finest scotches in the world.

What is the best selling brand of Scotch in Scotland?

Chivas Regal is distilled in the Strathisla distillery in Speyside , Scotland, and is one of the best selling Scotch brands in the world. The ultra smooth taste and blend of the Chivas Regal makes the Scotch perfect for sharing.

What’s the difference between single malt whisky and Scotch?

The basic difference between a single malt and blended Scotch is the distillation process. Single malt whisky is produced and bottled in a single distillery, whereas blended, as the name suggests, is a blend of two or more malt and grain whiskies.

What is the best Scotch whisky in the world?

Sullivan’s Cove, distilled on the Australian island, ranked number one at the World Whisky Awards. Scotland and Japan are known for producing the world’s finest scotch, with distilleries in those two countries consistently earning the title of “world’s best” at the annual World Whisky Awards.

What are the different types of Scotch?

There are two main types of Scotch whisky; single malt and single grain. From those two types, three subcategories are formed. Those categories are blended Scotch, blended malt Scotch, and blended grain Scotch.