What are the 6 types of meniscus tears?

What are the 6 types of meniscus tears?

6 Types of Meniscus Tears

  • Radial Tear.
  • Horizontal Tear.
  • Incomplete Tear.
  • Complex Tear.
  • Flap Tear.
  • Bucket Handle Tear.
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What types of meniscus tears require surgery?

Grade 3 meniscus tears usually require surgery, which may include:

  • Arthroscopic repair — An arthroscope is inserted into the knee to see the tear.
  • Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy — The goal of this surgery is to remove a small piece of the torn meniscus in order to get the knee functioning normally.

Does an oblique meniscus tear require surgery?

Often these are a sign of early degenerative changes of the meniscus tissue, but seldom are they the sign of a problem. Incomplete and intrasubstance tears of the meniscus are stable injuries, and they generally do not require any surgical treatment.

What’s the worst type of meniscus tear?

Radial Meniscus Tear These types of tears are found in the avascular area of the meniscus, which means there is no blood flowing to this area. Because of this, it’s exceedingly difficult for this type of injury to heal naturally.

What are the different types of meniscal tears?

Meniscal tears may be categorized into five common configurations, including horizontal, longitudinal, radial, oblique (parrot-beak), and complex. 5 Horizontal tears, the most common meniscal tear pattern, lie parallel to the tibial plateau and separate the meniscus into upper and lower parts (4a,4b).

Can a meniscal tear be seen on a plain radiograph?

On plain radiographs, meniscal tears are not visible. In rare cases secondary signs can be seen, such as a soft tissue swelling next to the meniscus when a meniscal cyst is present 4. Only when associated with more complex injuries plain film may suggest a meniscal tear, e.g. arcuate sign, reverse Segond fracture, tibial plateau fracture.

Where can I find a meniscus root tear?

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What does T2 mean in a meniscal tear?

T2: a hyperintense line in the meniscus, which indicates synovial fluid in the meniscus the high T2 signal in mid-substance of the meniscus without extension to the surface is not necessary a tear and can be: in an adult: secondary to degeneration. in children: high vascularity of meniscus.