What are some Vampire Diaries quotes?

What are some Vampire Diaries quotes?

The Vampire Diaries: 10 Great Quotes Nobody Talks About

  1. 1 “What Do You Want From Me?
  2. 2 “It’s An Antique, Damon.
  3. 3 “She Could Use A Nap.
  4. 4 “No One Tells Me How I Live My Life.
  5. 5 “I’ve Become My Worst Nightmare.
  6. 6 “There’s Always A Choice.
  7. 7 “I Saw That Coming From A Mile Away And My Brain’s Made Of Cotton!”

What did Stefan say in Elena’s ear?

Tell Caroline I heard her
Elena then sits Caroline down to tell her what Stefan whispered in her ear: “Tell Caroline I heard her,” he told her. “And I will love her forever too.” He got her message!!! (And now I’m crying again.

Is Klaus in love with Caroline?

From there on, Klaus displays a genuine affection for Caroline, and his attraction and love for her continues to grow as the series continues. They eventually become friends after he proves himself of having some good in him. He intends to be her last love, no matter how long it takes.

Why did Caroline and Klaus kiss on the Vampire Diaries?

Unknown to Caroline, Tyler is being possessed by Klaus so, while Caroline is crying to Tyler and saying her goodbyes, it is really Klaus. He tells her “You’re strong, and you have a beautiful future ahead of you.”. They then kiss, which is Klaus and Caroline’s first kiss, unbeknownst to Caroline.

What happens at Caroline’s prom in the Vampire Diaries?

Caroline’s prom night was almost derailed by a humanity-less Elena in Season 4’s “Pictures Of You,” but Klaus managed to save the day. After Elena steals Caroline’s prom dress in a moment of spite, Caroline asks the Original for help and he gifts her another stunning gown fit for a queen.

Why is the last line of the Vampire Diaries so important?

It is a quote that gets used in countless fanfiction stories and edits made by the passionate fandom, particularly the last line. One of the reasons people were so drawn to Delena is because Damon fully accepted Elena as a vampire or a human, he accepted her both ways while Stefan didn’t want Elena to be a vampire.

What was the best quote from the Vampire Diaries?

Damon: Well, that is the fork in the road between me and you, my friend. I don’t hesitate.”. — Stefan Salvatore , The Vampire Diaries , Season 2 : Masquerade. Tagged: Murder, Hesitation.