Traineeships and Apprenticeship reviews in Western Australia

Traineeship and apprenticeships are two excellent ways that would combine training with workability, it thus enables you to acquire job during completion of the training session toward recognized qualification. Anyone of operational age, they are made available. You can have traineeship or apprenticeship if you are re-entering any workforce or a school leaver or any matured aged person who wishes to have a change in the career.

You can start your traineeship or apprenticeship while you are in school. You will receive a nationally recognized qualification certificate after the completion of traineeship or apprenticeship. Do the apprenticeship and traineeship share the same meaning?

The main difference between traineeship and apprenticeship

Apprenticeships- the apprenticeships session usually take in 3-4 years of finishing and it conventionally covers all skilled trading areas like metal fabrication, mechanical, automotive, building, electrical specialization, construction, and engineering. It also contains landscaping, hairdressing, cookery, and hospitality.

The structured program of apprenticeship gets combined with job training and job thus gains knowledge and hand-on-skills.

Upon flourishing completion, the apprentices become a highly qualified tradesperson.

Traineeships- the traineeship session usually take in 1-2 years of finishing and it offers a comprehensive range of occupational choices and vocational choices as well. It can begin from information technology, multimedia, fitness, aged care, business, civil engineering, music, sports, and agriculture.

The traineeship offers work experience and hands-on-skills and it can be enhanced through a range of career and employment prospects. Upon flourishing completion of the training session, the trainee gets a nationally recognized qualification certificate in their selected area.

Adult apprenticeship

If you think that apprenticeship is only for younger ones then you are wrong the mature-aged can take part in apprenticeship sessions for a career change. There is no restriction for age- anyone can take part in Perth Apprenticeships so as to acquire experience and skill. You will drive and learn skills that would make you successful.

The mature-aged expert works the same way as that of a profession. You become a highly skilled trader by putting a certain amount of effort and time. After the completion of the course, you become a highly qualified tradesperson. The existing knowledge and skill will credit your length of training.

People who take mature-aged apprenticeship are entitled to lots of advantages compared to younger people. The Australian government provides incentives to the employees after hiring the mature-aged apprentices.

How to get into apprenticeship or traineeship?

The traineeship and apprenticeship are made available in various qualification levels. It is estimated it is available in more than 500+ occupations across industry areas. They are made available for conventional trades like building, hairdressing, hospitality, automotive, and electrical. They are also available in diverse emerging career ranges in sectors like industry and business like information technology, agriculture, engineering, property services, and telecommunications.

The skill and job center offers advice and information about the traineeship and apprenticeship options-

Step 1: figure out a career path that fits your need

There are many career exploration sites that provide information of all sorts that would suit the need of the scholar appropriately. If you seek to have traineeship or apprenticeship, then the sites serve the right path for the career.

You can make use of the information so as to acquire knowledge and skill of the course through training provider. If you are interested in apprenticeship or traineeship then you got to learn the aspects of the training sessions.

Step 2: talk to employer or AASN provider

There are lots of AASN provider (Australian support network) in WA that gets funded by the Australian government that offers assistance and advice when it comes to taking in apprenticeship and traineeship. You can get additional information related to AASN.

Alternatively, you can visit out and figure out the employer through contacting employer or job ads. Once you have successfully founded traineeship or apprenticeship opportunities with the skilled employer, so as to get started.

Step 3: training contract for registration through apprenticeship office

Once you have successfully found the employer, you can organize your session by signing a training contract so as to commence traineeship or apprenticeship. The contract for training is legal bindings that set out essential obligations from the employer desk. The provider automatically lodges training contract with apprenticeship office and department of training.

Role of apprenticeship office-

The role of the apprenticeship office is to administer and register training contracts as well as regulates the system in accordance with the legal view. The apprenticeship office administers training contract that might include approval and recording of the contract.

The Australian government offers support to the employers and apprentices. They offer supporting service and advice that tailors the need for apprentice and employers throughout the lifecycle. It also offers pre-commencement services that include job matching, testing, and screening so as to target clients in order to get the right sort of apprentice.

There are lots of apprenticeship communities that assist the apprentice or trainee with full career suited work-based opportunities. The community of traineeship and apprenticeship support specialist who then connects apprentice or trainee with employer across Australia. This will help you in figuring out the right industry with qualification.

This way the apprentice or trainee will move confidently into a new career with appropriate qualification. Every year, apprenticeship or traineeship programs are launched. Hence the individual gets an opportunity to take part in the training session. The qualification and certification ensure job availability and thus you are all able to launch your career in a definite direction.


If you wish to seek traineeship or apprenticeship, you can take advice from the highly experienced team so as to sustain your growth. You can thus work in any part of Australia through this training program and session. You will be able to target your desired job and would connect to the world more easily. You are provided with support during the traineeship or apprenticeship program through mentor tailoring without needing any extra guidance. Get into any of the Australian training session and rewarded with a certificate.