Top 5 places to play golf for a beginner

Golf is a fun game. Walking on the lush green grass surrounded by tall trees is a surreal feeling. Well, if all this mesmerizes you but you do not play golf, we would like to recommend some golf courses which will help you get to the basics. They will go that extra mile to make you learn golf and master the game.

Algarve Golf Course

If you want to practice golf, what better place to choose than the Algarve Golf Course. Known for its variety in the golf course, the Algarve Golf Courses offer all ranges of golf courses from beginners to experts. You can do your own research and choose the best golf course for amateurs to start playing your favorite sport. The golf course is set in the most beautiful landscape that will take your breath away. There are also clubs for beginners in Algarve and resorts with the best modern amenities to aid you in your learning process.

La Manga Golf Resort

La Manga Golf resort in Spain is one of the best resorts where you can go and practice golf. It is a 5-star property and is known for its 3 golf courses. The north, south and west course. The courses serve for everyone, from beginners to experts. The palm trees, ravines, lakes surrounding the golf courses are a treat to the eyes. This is one of the highly recommended golf courses in Spain for beginners. The resort hosts training programs as well for beginners and has all the necessary modernized equipment required for the same.

Trump Turnberry, Scotland

This exotic and ultra-luxurious resort will give your golf game the kickstart that you need. The highlight of this resort is the golf academy. The academy offers world-class training, major PGA facilities and cutting-edge technology for the ultimate golfing experience. You will enter as a beginner but leave a level higher after practice at this amazing golf course. You will be appalled by their 3-studio learning facilities right beside the reception area. They have sorted out teaching golf like no one else. Trump Turnberry is situated in Scotland and is a must-visit in the spring season.

Balaia Golf Course:

The Balaia Golf Course is really famous for its shorter holes and wider fairways. This makes it an ideal golf course for beginners. This golf course overlooks the stunning blue sea and is located at the Algarve coastline. If you are looking to begin playing golf, just head here without thinking twice and look for yourself what you can experience as a golf beginner. We are sure if you practice well here, you will turn into a golf expert in no time. They know that they have beginners coming to practice here, so the golf course has all the facilities designed accordingly.

Vilamoura Golf Course

Vilamoura Golf Course is said to offer the best golf school. The PGA professionals train golf players to master every skill. From posture to alignment, from swinging skills to educating about the equipment, they make sure that every student learns the right skills. The golf course has specific areas for beginners to practice in. You can join their school by giving the fees and taking full advantage of the golf course they provide. Their learnings are tailor-made for each individual. They understand the uniqueness of each golfer and train accordingly.

These golf courses have been recommended by everyone from amateurs to masters. They also have training sessions and all the required necessities for an individual to learn golf. Start from the minimum holed golf course and then master the higher ones!