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The Pros of Renting Fairground Rides vs Holding a Party at a Theme Park

Birthday parties can be quite expensive, especially if your child fancies to celebrate at an amusement park with all the rides and attractions at their disposal. If you want to fulfill your child’s wish for such type of birthday party, but you don’t think an entire amusement park is within your budget, the next best thing to do is hire fairground rides to be set up on your chosen venue, such as your house, a friend’s backyard, etc. Here are some advantages to convince you to go with this option.

Renting is hassle-free

It’s not hard to rent rides from a funfair hire company. All you have to do is give them a call, send an e-mail and request a quotation for the rides you want to have at the party. You can check their website, and there you will see the available rides and attractions that you can choose. The fees include the delivery, assembly and de-rigging, and qualified operator for each ride you rent. They will take care of everything from beginning to end.

The party is more relaxed

You don’t have to run around, making sure that everyone is safe and having fun. Doing the party in your yard means the space to work around is a lot smaller than in an amusement park. You may even get a few minutes to rest after everything is set and ready.

There is a wide range of activities

Let’s admit it; even as adults, we still enjoy rides at amusement parks, and with a wide range of choices and activities you can hire, the options are endless. Some companies even offer entertainment such as clowns, magicians, and the like. There will never be a dull moment at your child’s party.

You can work around your budget

Renting an entire amusement park for the day will milk you dry. But if you hold the party at your house, you can work around your budget. You can choose which rides, and entertainment will fit your budget, as well as the food, décor, and goodies. You can have as much or as few guests and rides as you like depending on how much money you have for the event.

Adds a unique twist to the party

Not everyone can say that they had a carousel in their backyard for their birthday or even a small Ferris wheel. If you want your child’s party to be unique and one of a kind, renting out rides and entertainment is the way to go. Your child will remember this day vividly, and with photos and videos to come with it, you will surely be able to reminisce the moment anytime.

Now that you have the supplier for fairground rides and entertainment, it is time to plan other aspects of the party, such as what food to serve, what goodies to give away, and how you want the entire venue to look like. You can do a DIY party décor, or you can hire an event planner to get the prepping part out of your hands.