Is U4 4 AMA legal?

Is U4 4 AMA legal?

Because its oxygen content exceeds the mandated limit of AMA Pro Racing (which is currently 4 percent) and it has lead, U4. 4 is not legal in AMA Supercross or AMA Nationals. It is an unleaded fuel formulated to meet AMA Pro Racing standards. (2) Jetting.

What is the octane rating of race fuel?

Racing fuels, avgas, LPG and alcohol fuels such as methanol may have octane ratings of 110 or significantly higher. Typical “octane booster” gasoline additives include MTBE, ETBE, isooctane and toluene.

What is the best fuel to run with nitrous?

Sunoco MaxNOS® is the fuel of choice for extreme performance applications where “power adders” such as nitrous, superchargers, and turbochargers are utilized. Sunoco Race Fuels engineers added components to this fuel to be able to withstand ultra high pressure / high temperature combustion chamber conditions.

Is VP Racing Fuel worth it?

“MS109 offers more power than any unleaded fuel on the market. It will require some jetting and timing adjustments, but its well worth it for the 2-3% horsepower gains over pump gas, and up to 5% in some applications.” Naturally aspirated, high-boost, and nitrous-fed race cars are the target market here.

What octane is VP C45?

108 motor octane
When tuned properly, C45 will handle up to 16:1 compression. With its 108 motor octane rating, pulling a couple degrees of timing upon first test/tune is recommended. C45 requires approximately 4 to 6 percent more fuel than VPs Q16 so a purpose-built carburetor will most likely be required.

Which is the best u4.4 Reg for powersports?

Contains MTBE. If you’re not bound by fuel rules, this leaded fuel is the best choice for virtually any powersports application. U4.4 reg offering the biggest gain vs. cost of any performance part you can buy.

What do you need to know about form U4?

Form Filing: This entitlement controls access to the uniform forms used to submit registration-related information about firms, their branches and associated individuals. Form U4: Filers require this privilege to initiate, retrieve and submit a pending Form U4 filing.

Which is more power U4 Reg or pump gas?

The latest generation of our U4-based fuels, U4.4 Reg makes more power than pump gas across a wider range of applications than its predecessors. Designed as a direct, pour-in replacement for pump gas, it will require modest jetting changes, i.e., +2 main jets or +2 pilot jets at most.

What do you need to know about DRPs U4?

Use the Disclosure Reporting Page(s) (DRPs U4) to provide details to the “Yes” answers on Section 14 (DISCLOSURE QUESTIONS). Upon request, you may be required to provide documents to clarify or support responses to the form. An individual is under a continuing obligation to amend and update information required by Form U4 as changes occur.