Is Tissot T-Touch a good watch?

Is Tissot T-Touch a good watch?

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar review: verdict The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar is an impressive wearable. It offers a robust design which is sure to appeal to traditional watch fans. It will also outlast its smartwatch rivals, both in terms of battery life and longevity.

Do Tissot watches glow in the dark?

(2) Glow in Dark: I wear a watch to bed at night. I can easily tell the time with the Tissot WITHOUT using the backlight since the hands and hour markings as so luminescent. Tissot is the clear winner; (3) Backlight: the Tissot has a five second backlight that lights the digital display.

Does Tissot T Touch have GPS?

Part of this is a matter of expectation setting: you’re not getting GPS, heart-rate tracking, music playback or the ability to make and receive calls without your phone to hand (most of which are par for the course with smartwatches). That’s not to say, however, that this Tissot can’t do quite a bit.

Is the Tissot t touch a smart watch?

The T-Touch boasts more functions than you can poke a stick at, is powered by the sun and looks like something you’d actually want to wear. It’s a pretty smart watch. How will the T-Touch, one of the original ‘smart’ watches fare against the new breed of connected devices? The first thing I think of when someone says ‘Tissot’ is T-Touch.

Which is cheaper the Tissot t touch solar or the Casio pro Trek?

Sure, a Casio Pro-Trek or Apple Watch can offer you similar functionality, and both can come in cheaper than the $1,325 retail of the T-Touch Expert Solar. But they’re both compromised watches.

When did the Tissot t touch Crystal come out?

The first thing I think of when someone says ‘Tissot’ is T-Touch. Rightly or wrongly the high-tech tool watch is the 162-year-old brand’s most iconic product. It’s certainly their most visionary. The T-Touch collection, with its innovative haptic sapphire crystal was first introduced in 1999.

How does the t touch work on the Tissot solar?

The system of pushing the crown to activate the touch screen is easy, and the flashing ‘T-Touch’ logo on the LCD to indicate when the screen is live is smart. As is the hands moving out of the way of the LCD display when the alarm or chrono functions are activated.