Is there SSB for NDA?

Is there SSB for NDA?

NDA Selection Process: SSB Interview Candidates in SSB Interview are assessed on Officers Officers Potentiality. Candidates who apply for Air Force need to qualify Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS). The SSB Interview round comprises two separate tests – Psychological Aptitude Test and Intelligence Test.

Which is better SSB or NDA?

Every year, lakhs of students appear for NDA and CDS written examinations….Similarity & Differences Between NDA SSB & CDS SSB.

Parameter NDA CDS
Scheme of Examination Written exam + SSB interview Written exam + SSB interview
Frequency of the Exam Conducted Twice a Year Conducted Twice a Year

What is SSB and NDA?

Once candidates qualify the exam, they will be called for NDA SSB Interview that is conducted by SSB (Service Selection Board) of Indian Army, Navy and by Air Force Selection Boards. Candidates will be selected by SSB boards the posts of commissioned officers in Indian Armed Forces through NDA SSB Interview.

Is NDA SSB tough?

SSB is difficult but not impossible. If they can crack it one go, you can too. The candidates who will be declared qualified in the written exam will be called for the SSB interview rounds.

Which interview is tough IAS or SSB?

You must have read in many articles that Service Selection Board Interview is the trickiest interview. In some places you must have read that it is the toughest one. In fact, the candidates who appear in this interview also second this opinion, that SSB is India’s toughest interview.

Is NDA tougher than IIT?

Entrance Exam NDA and IIT, both are considered among the toughest exams in India. Most of the students who sat for both the exams confessed that cracking NDA written exam is much easier than IIT.