Is there an app for the beep test?

Is there an app for the beep test?

The Beep Test app is available in Google Play only. Even though the app is free, there are no ads and in-app purchases.

How far is 6.5 on the beep test?

By the time you complete level 6.5, you’d have run a distance of 920m that equals 46 sprints. You’ll have to reach at least level 7.5 on your beep test. That means you’ll be running for a total of 6 minutes and 51 seconds getting progressively faster at every level.

What is a healthy beep test score?

20m Multistage Fitness Test (Beep Test) Instructions

men women
excellent > 13 > 12
very good 11 – 13 10 – 12
good 9 – 11 8 – 10
average 7 – 9 6 – 8

What’s the best beep test?

Male Top Performances

rank score sport
1 17/1 Australian Rules
=2 17 Athletics
=2 17 Football (Soccer)
=2 17 Field Hockey

How far is 10 on the beep test?

20 Meter Test

Level Laps Level Distance (m)
8 10 200
9 10 200
10 11 220
11 11 220

How do you train for a beep test?

Try a mix of:

  1. Steady running (warm up 5 mins, followed by 15-20 mins of running at a steady pace, then a cool down).
  2. Interval training (warm up 5 mins, 30 secs hard sprint + 30 secs walking x 10, cool down). Interval training simulates what your body will go through in the bleep test.

How do you get past level 10 on the beep test?

So if you’re aiming for level 10 on the standard beep test (a very good level) then try to work up to running at 13km/h – in other words you should be doing 1 km in just over 4 and a half minutes.

What should I eat before beep test?

Have a meal that contains a good portion of carbohydrates (salads, pasta products, rice and beans, etc.). This will provide the body with needed energy for the test. In the morning have a very light breakfast, such as a half or whole banana, some toast, and juice.

Is a bleep test hard?

HOW DIFFICULT IS IT? Your pace is easy in the beginning. You might run out to the point, then jog back and have a beat or two to rest before going again. Then, as the beeps hasten and the time it takes you to get from point to point shortens, your effort increases.

What’s the highest score you can get on the beep test?

For the 20 metres test an extremely high score of 21.16 is under 5 kilometres. A solid score of 13.00 is under 3 kilometres. Our apps will calculate your exact distance based on your score. With every level the Beep Test beeps get closer together. So with every level the speed you need to travel between the shuttles is faster.

Is there an app for the 20m beep test?

In addition to the solo version functions, you can track multiple user profiles and results. see more The 20m Beep Test (male & female voices) + Training Levels + ‘Beeps Only’ track + Excel Spreadsheet + eBook Guide (PARQ, consent form, test recording sheet, warm-up, tips, norms + much more!)

How to get a fitness rating from the beep test?

Normative tables (norms) are very useful to help guide you in the interpretation of the test results. The tables below give a general fitness rating based on the beep test score. Use these norms as a general guide to performance in the beep test. The beep test calculator also gives a fitness rating.

What should my VO2 max be for the beep test?

For a 26-35 year old male (in terms of the number of levels/number of shuttles completed), a very poor score is 5/2; an average score is 7/10-8/9; and an excellent score is 12/9. Go here for the whole chart. See this link to calculate what your VO2 max is based on the stage and number of shuttles you complete.