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Is the mummy at the ROM real?

Is the mummy at the ROM real?

Researchers have discovered the real name of a mysterious mummy resting at the Royal Ontario Museum: Nefret-Mut. Last week, ROM Egyptologist Gayle Gibson used modern technology to uncover the real name and occupation of the mummy that has beenat the ROM for a century.

How many Egyptian artifacts are in the British Museum?

100,000 Egyptian artefacts
The BM boasts that it holds more than 100,000 Egyptian artefacts, the largest collection outside of Egypt. This isn’t the only gallery there, of course – there are ones for the Americas, Asia, Africa and Ancient Greece.

Are there Egyptian mummies in the British Museum?

To ensure the safety of visitors, there is currently a one-way route through the Museum, which includes Rooms 62–63 Egyptian death and afterlife: mummies.

Is there an Egyptian exhibit at the museum of Natural History?

Part of the Mummies exhibition. At interactive digital touchscreens, visitors to Mummies virtually “unwrap” Egyptian and Peruvian mummies, revealing figurines and other burial offerings found within. Mummies are inextricably linked in our imagination with ancient Egypt, and not without reason.

What will happen to the old Egyptian Museum?

Thanks to two cultural heritage preservation projects funded by the European Union, “The Egyptian Museum is being restored to its original glorious state and will serve as a sustainable educational and cultural center,” said Mohamed El Sayyed, supervisor of the Revival of the Egyptian Museum Initiative.

What does the eye of Ra mean?

The Eye of Ra or Eye of Re is a being in ancient Egyptian mythology that functions as a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra and a violent force that subdues his enemies. The eye’s violent aspect defends Ra against the agents of disorder that threaten his rule.

How old are the mummies in the Egyptian Museum?

Egyptian Mummies: Ancient Lives. New Discoveries. presents unique insights into six mummies spanning 900 BCE to CE 180 including a priest’s daughter, a temple singer and a young child. Combining CT scans, digital visualizations and the latest research, this exhibition offers a fascinating glimpse into these ancient lives.

How to support the Royal Ontario Museum ( ROM )?

Take a virtual tour of the ROM from home. Stream described audio tours for select exhibitions from the comfort of your home. Please consider purchasing or renewing your ROM membership to help support the ROM at this crucial time. In May 2014, a small ROM team traveled to Newfoundland to salvage a Blue Whale that had washed ashore.

Who are the people of the Royal Ontario Museum?

The Royal Ontario Museum acknowledges that this museum sits on what has been the ancestral lands of the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the Anishinabek Nation, including the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, since time immemorial to today. An agency of the Government of Ontario

Are there any mummies in the British Museum?

Mummies have captured our imagination throughout time. Uncover the secrets of six mummified individuals from ancient Egypt in this compelling exhibition from the British Museum. Using the latest technology explore how these people lived along the Nile and what happened to them after they died.