Is storage permitted under stairs?

Is storage permitted under stairs?

Fire exit routes have to be kept clear, so any flammable objects, such as paper and cardboard, should not be stored under stairs. However, less flammable items such as metal, hardwood, and possibly vacuum cleaners could be stored under stairs, presuming that there isn’t a walkway under that set of stairs.

How do you ventilate under stairs cabinets?

Re: Ventilation under stairs cupboard A vent top and bottom would be your best bet, as the hot air rises it’ll leave via the top vent to be replaced with cooler air from the bottom vent..

What should I put on the bottom of my stairs?

A piece of flagstone material, a random array of seashells and old fish netting, or the hood of an antique car may provide a visual focal point at the base of the stairs. If you come across something large enough that fits within your design scope, mount it as a wall decoration.

Why do people put drywall under stairs?

Adding a simple layer of SHEETROCK or other drywall to the underside of stairs can leave your home better equipped to withstand the heat of a fire, and may even prevent fire from spreading from one floor to the next.

Why do you need storage under the stairs?

For those who like a bit of privacy when working from home, but do not have a separate study or home office, a bespoke under stair study space is a great under stair storage idea. Although the space will be relatively small, the advantage is being able to design and style it exactly how you want it.

Is it against the NFPA to store materials under stairs?

The storage of materials in stairwells obstructs the egress route and is prohibited by NFPA 101. However, if there is an open space under the first landing or a large landing at the top of the stairs it is often an irresistible location for transient storage.

Which is the largest provider of under stairs storage?

As the UK’s largest provider of under stairs storage solutions, we are confident that we can provide a solution in a way that works for you. Choose from the comfort of having the unit installed by our award-winning team or, if you are an expert DIYer, choose from our range of flat pack options.

How to maximise the space under your stairs?

The double Tallboy doors open into the space at the higher end, offering plenty of storage space for larger household items. We can transform even the smallest of spaces with our Single Drawer or Single Drawer Tallboy Unit. The Single Drawer offers an extra-large drawer which holds an array of household clutter from vacuum cleaners to shoes.