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Is reclaim a restricted herbicide?

Is reclaim a restricted herbicide?

Reclaim II is a selective broadleaf weed and shrub control herbicide for use in rangeland and permanent pasture. It provides extended control of shrubs and broadleaf weed species.

What does reclaim herbicide kill?

Reclaim II Herbicide provides extended control of western snowberry (buckbrush), prairie wild rose, shrubby cinquefoil, silverberry (wolf willow), Canada thistle, dandelion, pasture sage (fringed sage) and prairie sage in rangeland and permanent pasture.

What will Grazon kill?

GrazonNext HL Herbicide is a broadleaf weed control product that will kill more than 100 different types of weeds, including the more difficult to kill perennials, like nightshades and bull nettles.

Is Transline a restricted use herbicide?

In California, in addition to listed non-cropland areas, Transline is labeled for control of broadleaf weeds in rangeland and permanent pastures In California, the maximum application rate is 2/3 pint/acre and target weeds are listed in the “Approved Uses in California” section.

How do you get rid of Buckbrush?

Buckbrush is best controlled with Chaparral at 2.5 ounces per acre, 1 quart of 2,4-D or Hi-Dep per acre with Astute Extra. Control is better with early application—when target weeds fully leaf out in mid-April—but you can get satisfactory results spraying up to the end of May. After June 1, results are unpredictable.

Is Grazon used in Canada?

Grazon was introduced as a range and pasture herbicide for one reason; to increase grass production in western Canadian pastures and rangeland. It is a herbicide which provides effective control of broad spectrum annual and perennial, broad leaf weeds, brush and trees.

How much does it cost to cure a gallon of water?

Spot Spray: Mix approximately 2 ounces per gallon of water & wet all the foliage well. Adding a surfactant is recommended at 1/2 ounce per gallon or 1 quart per 100 gallon water. For more specific application rates please refer to the label.

Will remedy kill oak trees?

Also, will remedy kill trees? Over spray, or spray drift of Remedy Ultra Herbicide can harm desired plants. While a light over spray won’t be enough to kill a fully matured tree, it can certainly kill the leaves it has contacted. The tree should recover in time.

Does Roundup work better with diesel?

The combination of diesel and roundup works much better than either of them its their own. On its own, roundup is a very effective weed killer and will display results within three hours of spraying. However, it’s not as thorough as diesel when it comes to killing all weeds as diesel does.

How much is a gallon of garlon 3A?

Triclopyr is available either as an amine formulation (Garlon 3A) or ester formulation (Garlon 4). For foliar applications, mix one to three ounces Garlon 4 or two to four ounces Garlon 3A per three gallons of water.

How much does a Transline of water cost per gallon?

Prepare a spray solution by adding ¼ fl oz Transline per gallon of water. When applied at 1 gallon of spray per 1000 sq ft, this spray concentration is equivalent to a broadcast rate of 2/3 pt/acre.

When is the best time to use reclaim II?

Reclaim II Herbicide, provides extended control, up to 24 months after applicationwhen applied as a post emergent spray on rangeland and permanent pasture. Applications should be avoided under cold, dry conditions or other environmental stresses. Read all precaution statements before using this product.

What are the active ingredients in reclaim 2?

Contains two Group 4 and one Group 2 active ingredients for effective control. Increases grass production, helping to reset the ecosystem back to a more balanced state. Controls a range of challenging plant problems for up to 24 months, including Canada thistle, buckbrush, dandelion, prairie sage, wild rose, wolf willow and more.

What kind of weed control does reclaim II do?

Reclaim II is a selective broadleaf weed and shrub control herbicide for use in rangeland and permanent pasture. It provides extended control of shrubs and broadleaf weed species. Why use Reclaim II?

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