Is Raz-Kids free right now?

Is Raz-Kids free right now?

Free Mobile Access to Every Leveled eBook and eQuiz Raz-Kids delivers comprehensive reading resources at 29 levels of reading difficulty. With the Kids A-Z mobile app, Raz-Kids customers have free mobile access to every leveled eBook and corresponding eQuiz.

How much does Raz-Kids cost?

Before we begin, let’s start with the price. For those interested, the base subscription cost is $99.95 for a one year subscription, which can be used for up to 36 students, which is a very reasonable price for all that they offer.

What is the meaning of Raz-Kids?

leveled reading resources
Raz-Kids is an award-winning teaching product that provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. With hundreds of eBooks offered at 29 different levels of reading difficulty, it’s easy to put the right content in every student’s hands.

Is reading A to Z free?

Raz-Kids is now on the iPhone, and iPod Touch! On top of being accessible 24/7 via the Web, Raz-Kids also delivers reading access through its free apps, meaning your students can read and take quizzes on their iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire tablets.

How can I get Raz kids at home?

Parents Can Register Log into Kids A-Z as your child to request access. Click the “Parents” link at the top right of the page and follow the instructions to provide an email address. Your child’s teacher will need to approve the email address before you can see your child’s information.

Is Raz-Kids and Kids AZ the same thing?

About Learning A-Z Learning A-Z is a leading literacy-focused PreK-6 education company. Our suite of award-winning products includes Raz-Plus, Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, Headsprout, Science A-Z, Writing A-Z, and Vocabulary A-Z.

How many students can use Raz-Kids?

Teacher Tip #12 Students can access Raz-Plus to hear modeled fluency and practice reading from any computer with Internet access–at home, at the library, on wifi-enabled tablets anywhere.

Are Raz-Kids effective?

Raz-Kids is a good tool for tracking students’ reading progress, but it’s only one piece in a comprehensive reading program. It’ll be a great support for the earlier grades, where the texts can provide great practice in both fiction and nonfiction reading. Students can choose to listen to a book before reading it.

How much is learning A to Z?

Pricing varies by Learning A-Z product. Products start at $99.95/classroom/year for Science A-Z and go up to $199.95/classroom/year for Headsprout A-Z, for a single classroom All Learning A-Z products offer volume discounts on pricing. Exact pricing can be determined on the company’s website.

HOW MUCH DOES A to Z cost?

Reading A to Z is a subscription program, which means that you are able to have access to all the material on their Web site for one low annual payment. At the time of writing (May 2009), the cost of an annual subscription for an individual is $84.95 . There are also reduced rates for schools and school districts.

How many levels are there in Raz kids?

Raz-Kids Raz-Kids delivers hundreds of interactive, leveled eBooks spanning 29 levels 400+ eBooks that students can listen to, read, and even record themselves reading Raz-Kids makes reading accessible (and fun) like never before Students can read on-the-go from their favorite mobile device

What are the benefits of the Raz Kids program?

“I like how Raz-Kids motivates students to read. Students want to use the program, and it provides parents an alternative to getting students to read at home. I have seen students improve their reading level simply because they are practicing more.” Heidi Springer, Second Grade Teacher

How does Raz-kids make reading easier for students?

Raz-Kids makes reading accessible (and fun) like never before. Access for Students: With Raz-Kids, students can practice reading anytime, anywhere – at home, on the go, and even during the summer! Keeping Teachers in Control: Teachers can make assignments and track student progress with online assessments and student recordings.

Are there any free apps for Raz kids?

On top of being accessible 24/7 via the Web, Raz-Kids also delivers reading access through its free apps, meaning your students can read and take quizzes on their iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire tablets.