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Is Moira Shearer still alive?

Is Moira Shearer still alive?

Deceased (1926–2006)
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How old was Moira Shearer when she died?

80 years (1926–2006)
Moira Shearer/Age at death
Moira Shearer, a luminous star in the galaxy of British ballerinas who brought the Royal Ballet to international attention and whose dramatic portrayal as the doomed heroine of the 1948 film “The Red Shoes” was searingly impressed on generations of moviegoers, died in Oxford, England, on Tuesday. She was 80.

Are Norma and Moira Shearer related?

Norma Shearer was among them, but I thought she might have been Moira’s mother. It wasn’t until advanced adulthood and the birth of Turner Classic Movies that I got to see Norma in the flesh, so to speak, on celluloid. My first exposure was the fabulous “The Women”.

Was Moira Shearer a good ballet?

Yet she would have earned her place in ballet history even without The Red Shoes, having created one of the leads in Symphonic Variations, one of the masterpieces of the choreographer Frederick Ashton. And although some critics had reservations about her dancing, she was always enormously popular with the public.

What killed Moira Shearer?

January 31, 2006
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Did Moira Shearer have red hair?

Moira Shearer’s hair was the most beautiful flaming red, not touched up or out of a bottle. She was justifiably famous for the beauty of her hair.

Why did Norma Shearer quit acting?

5) Prior to Thalberg’s untimely death in 1936, Shearer stopped working for months at a time to nurse her ailing husband, who told friends that Norma “literally kept me alive.” Shaking off a deep depression following Irving’s demise, Shearer made six films, retired in 1942, married a ski instructor 14 years her junior …

Did Norma Shearer dance in the red shoes?

Shearer retired from ballet in 1953, but continued to act, becoming such a popular household name that her wedding to Ludovic Kennedy in 1950 was thronged by wellwishers – and she danced twice more for Powell, in 1951’s The Tales of Hoffman and in 1960’s Peeping Tom.

Who was Moira Shearer married to?

Ludovic Kennedym. 1950–2006
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Well, 20 years ago she was married to Ludovic Kenne dy, a tall, dark and hand some freelance journalist, had three daughters and a son (“I really wanted four great strapping boys”) and now lives in a little Geor gian house that used to be a Presbyterian manse in a Scottish border village, Mak erstoun.

Where is Moira Shearer buried?

Moira Shearer

Birth 17 Jan 1926 Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Death 31 Jan 2006 (aged 80) Oxford, City of Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Burial Durisdeer Cemetery Durisdeer, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland Show Map
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How old was Moira Shearer in red shoes?

Moira Shearer, 80; Ballerina, Actress Starred in the 1948 Hit Film ‘The Red Shoes’

How old is Norma Shearer?

80 years (1902–1983)
Norma Shearer/Age at death
Norma Shearer, one of the famed Hollywood stars of the 20’s and 30’s, died of bronchial pneumonia Sunday at the Motion Picture and Television Country Hospital in Woodland Hills, Calif., a hospital spokesman said. She was about 80 years old and had lived at the hospital since 1980.