Is Lexus RX 400h a good car?

Is Lexus RX 400h a good car?

Reliable and classy Purchased a used 2008 Lexus RX 400h in very clean condition. Very happy with the performance, comfort and reliability. The AWD model still gets good combined gas mileage. This vehicle has a better performance and is more comfortable than a Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited.

How long will Lexus rx400h last?

The 400h uses three electric motors and while there is no hard and fast evidence, Lexus says the life expectancy is more than 10 years.

How reliable is Lexus hybrid battery?

While some makes and models may differ, the Lexus hybrid battery life expectancy is essentially the life of the vehicle. In general, most hybrid batteries last at least 100,000 miles and sometimes up to 200,000.

What does Rx stand for in Lexus?

Radiant Crossover
LEXUS RX. The RX model name stands for Radiant Crossover. The word Radiant represents the bright new future Lexus envisioned at the car’s launch at the start of the Millennium.

Is a Lexus hybrid worth the money?

Yes, the Lexus RX Hybrid is a good vehicle. It has a refined ride and an elegant cabin loaded with high-end materials and plenty of standard and available features. Power and fuel economy are both good – though not great – for a hybrid.

Is Lexus RX300 a good car?

The RX300 handles as smoothly as a Lexus sedan – – no “trucky” feel to the car at all. Bought the car around 60K miles; very nice looking interior and exterior. Very comfortable ride and heated seats still get hot at 179,000 miles. However, transmission had to be replaced last year since it would not go in rear drive.

Is the Lexus RX 400h a good car?

(31) (0) My RX 400h has been the very best, most reliable vehicle I have owned; buying my first car in 1967. Gas mileage has been super, averaging 28.5 MPG since day one. it is solid, very comfortable, has lots of power and a joy to drive.

When did the Toyota RX400h hybrid come out?

What did arrive in the middle of 2005 was the RX400h, a petrol/electric hybrid version of the RX with a V6 engine and twin electric motors.

What kind of airbags does a Lexus RX 400h have?

As well as the usual set of twin front and side airbags, it features curtain shield bags at the sides and knee airbags for the driver. These bags help to reduce injury caused by contact with the unyielding steering column, but tests have shown an additional benefit. Knee bags also reduce head and chest injuries. How?

What are the specs of a Lexus RX450h?

The RX450h is one of the segment’s few hybrids but it, too, required longer than average to reach 60 mph from rest. What the RX does best is ride comfortably; it irons out rough stretches of road and delivers a compliant ride.