Is Kirstie from Pentatonix married?

Is Kirstie from Pentatonix married?

Maldonado has been dating Jeremy Michael Lewis for three years. They got engaged on May 29, 2016. They were supposed to get married at the end of November 2017, but the wedding has been postponed for unknown reasons. She has two huskies named Olaf and Pascal.

What nationality is Kirstin Maldonado?

Kirstin Maldonado/Nationality

Why is Mitch Grassi’s voice so high?

Like females, countertenors would use their head voice, allowing them to sing higher and giving their voice a lighter more feminine sound. Mitch often uses his head voice to ascend into the typical female range. One needs that developed head voice and to be a countertenor.

Which Pentatonix member is Mormon?

Kevin Olusola (K.O.), talented cellist, beat boxer and singer with the popular a cappella group, Pentatonix, revealed his strong Christian background and what it is like to negotiate Christianity in the world of pop music, in interviews with Beliefnet and TC Magazine.

Is Scott from Pentatonix straight?

Personal life. Hoying, who is openly gay, has been in a relationship with model Mark Manio since 2017.

What happened to the blonde girl in Pentatonix?

Pentatonix singer Kirstin Maldonado has officially gone solo! The 25-year-old artist released her first solo single, titled “Break a Little,” on Friday.

Who is Kirstin from the band Pentatonix?

Kirstin Maldonado is a well-known American singer, who became famous after joining the A cappella band Pentatonix as a mezzo-soprano. Kirstin has been developing her solo career recently, so her fans are looking forward for hearing new singles from her.

Who is the mother of Kirstie Maldonado of Pentatonix?

Her mother is Spanish-Italian, while her father, Michael Cisneros, is Mexican. She is a National Hispanic Scholar and was a sophomore Music Theater major at The University of Oklahoma before joining Pentatonix .

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Who was Kirstin Maldonado dating before Pentatonix?

After joining Pentatonix, Kirstin dated her band mate Avi Kaplan, but their relationship was very brief. In 2013 Kirstin started dating Jeremy Michael Lewis, another singer; they dated for three years and became engaged on 29 May 2016 while on a trip to Paris.