Is it OK to climb Mt Warning?

Is it OK to climb Mt Warning?

This is a sacred place to the Bundjalung People, and was declared an Aboriginal Place in 2015. Visitors are asked to respect the wishes of the Bundjalung Elders and avoid climbing this very difficult track. Under Bundjalung law, only certain people can climb the summit.

Is climbing Mt Warning hard?

In general, the Mt. Warning climb difficulty is high. Since it is so strenuous, you’ll need a good level of physical fitness to complete the journey. No matter your experience on the trail, make sure to watch your footing as the path gets very steep and rocky in parts.

How many steps is Mount Warning?

The trail to the summit has over 1000 steps and is equivalent to climbing a 30 storey building. There is approximately 8.8 kilometres of track to complete the trip up and back down the mountain.

How tall is Mt Warning?

1,156 m
Mount Warning/Elevation

Why is Mt Warning called Mt Warning?

It was named Mount Warning by Captain Cook to warn future mariners of the offshore reefs he encountered in May 1770. Mt Warning can be found within the Mt Warning national park. It was given its name by Captain Cook and was used as a warning to sailors of the dangerous Point Danger near Tweed Heads.

What is Mount Warning famous for?

Mt Warning is the remnant central plug of the Tweed shield volcano also known as the ‘Tweed Caldera’ and is one of the largest and best examples of an erosion caldera in the world, notable for its size, age and landforms that represent all three stages of the erosion of shield volcanoes: the planeze, residual and …

How old is Mt Warning?

Approximately 23 million years ago
Approximately 23 million years ago, Mt Warning erupted and over a period of about 3 million years built up into a large and complex central volcano. A volcano of this size is created by many separate eruptions, punctuated by long periods of inactivity.

Who named Mt Warning?

Captain Cook
Captain Cook named the peak Mount Warning in 1770. Visible from the ocean, the peak warned mariners of the treacherous offshore reefs along this stretch of coastline. Its Aboriginal name, Wollumbin, was added in 2009.

When is the best time to climb Mt Warning?

Timing. Start climbing Mt Warning early. Temperature in the early hours will be much more pleasant in the summer and during the winter be aware of the early dark. At the half way point you will see a sign saying ” Winter warning: For safety reasons do not proceed to the summit if the time is later than 1 o’clock.

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How tall is Mt Warning in Northern NSW?

View of Mt Warning in northern NSW, 1150m high, which is the first place in Australia to be touched by the rays of the rising sun and is a sacred…

What to do at Mt Warning rainforest park?

Mt Warning Rainforest Park Welcome! The view driving into the park, through gorgeous trees and past the tennis courts. Riverside Cabin, at Mount Warning in Northern NSW. Family friendly cabins with bunkrooms for kids. Free tennis, bring your own rackets or borrow some from us. (Concrete base court) Nature being creative!