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Is ice mining profitable Eve?

Is ice mining profitable Eve?

Ice is profitable but Ice is also very competitive. Fields are small and respawn 4 hours after they deplete you’ll need to keep track and catch the spawn to do well.

What is the most profitable ore in EVE Online?

Mercoxit. Mercoxit is considered by some people to be the most profitable ore to mine in the game because it is worth the most isk/m³.

How do you mine efficiently in EVE Online?

For the maximum Mining Efficiency, multiple kinds of Mining Crystals should be carried and swapped when a specific type of Ore is encountered. These Rigs improve your Mining Drones, by increasing their yield (Tech I by 10%, Tech II by 15%), but at a cost of reducing your vessel’s available CPU capacity by 10%.

Where can I get ice in Eve Online?

Currently, ice spawns in cosmic anomalies instead of in fixed belts. They show up automatically in your probe scanner when you open it (no need to fit a probe scanner or train scanning skills, only need those to find cosmic signatures) and will respawn in a new anomaly 4 hours after the previous one has been cleared.

Where can I compress ice Eve?

You can compress either at a pos with the Compression Array onlined or with a Rorqual. Just right click the ice and click “Compress”. Both cases give you a compression rate of 10:1.

Can you mine in EVE Online?

To actually start some Eve Online mining you will then need to track down an asteroid belt. All you need then is to approach a resource-rich asteroid and start mining by clicking on your mining equipment. This will then start you off and you can then start to plan how best to spend all that money you are going to make.

What’s the difference between ore and ice in Eve?

Just picked up a procurer for mining a long with 2 strip miners for ore and 2 strip miners for ice, what one should I focus on mining if I want profits? I heard ice is used to fuel POS, but I don’t run any POS’s or am even apart of any

How much does it cost to mine in EVE Online?

Enables you to use Mining Upgrades; each skill level reduces the CPU penalty of Mining Upgrade modules by 5%, it costs 80 thousand ISK, requires Mining III, and can be learned by Alpha Clones (up to level IV)

What are the ore specific skills in EVE Online?

The skills are called Reprocessing, Reprocessing Efficiency and “Ore Specific” Processing. The ore in “ore specific” should be those ores that you are actively mining. You also need to start getting your Mining skill to Level V and Mining upgrades to Level IV.

Which is easier to mine ice or ore?

Oh, and while the Endurance is the expedition frigate geared towards ice mining, you can huff gas with it as well as mine traditional ore. Also, the Prospect can mount ice mining lasers, and mine ice, not to mention being able to mount a covert ops cloaking device. Ice is also much easier to train into.