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Is Helena a Batwoman Wayne?

Is Helena a Batwoman Wayne?

Batman And Catwoman’s Daughter Helena Wayne Makes Her Debut As Batwoman. Batman and Catwoman’s daughter Helena Wayne finally makes her long-awaited debut as the new Batwoman, in the pages of Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman comic book.

Who trained Helena Wayne?

After she witnesses the mob-ordered murder of her parents at the age of 19, she crusades to put an end to the Mafia. She travels, accompanied and trained by her bodyguard Sal, before returning to Gotham to make her debut as the Huntress.

What earth is Helena?

Earth 2
Helena Wayne (Earth 2)

Did Catwoman and Batman have kids?

On Earth-2, Catwoman had frequently battled Batman in their Golden Age days, but she eventually gave up her life of crime and revealed her secret identity to him. Bruce and Selina fell in love and married (sounds almost familiar, no?). They had a daughter and named her Helena Wayne.

Who was Batman’s first girlfriend?

Julie Madison is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #31 (September 1939) and was created by Gardner Fox, Bob Kane, and Sheldon Moldoff.

Can Lady Shiva beat Batman?

5 Would Lose To: Lady Shiva One of the deadliest martial artists on the face of the Earth, Lady Shiva and Batman have clashed before and just about every time, Lady Shiva has gotten the best of the Dark Knight. Using this knowledge, she’ll be able to take advantage of Batman and defeat him handily.

Who has Lady Shiva defeated?

Lady Shiva has learned a variety of ways to kick someone’s butt, something all the heroes in Marvel should keep in mind.

  • 3 DEFEAT: Black Widow.
  • 4 LOSE TO: Wolverine.
  • 5 DEFEAT: Gambit.
  • 6 LOSE TO: Black Panther.
  • 7 DEFEAT: Daredevil.
  • 8 LOSE TO: Elektra.
  • 9 DEFEAT: Punisher.
  • 10 LOSE TO: Deadpool.

Why was Helena Wayne taken out of comics?

Helena Wayne largely disappears from comics for a time as a result of Crisis on Infinite Earths, an event in which she had a major role. By the time Crisis approached in 1985, Helena Wayne was a popular character and was part of the battle at the Dawn of Time along with Dick, surviving the initial erasure of Earth-Two.

What does Helena Wayne look like in Batman?

Helena’s Batwoman look is equal parts ode to her original look at Earth-2’s Huntress, as well as the classic DC Comics, look for Batman. By contrast, details of Helena’s Batsuit like the chest plate, utility belt, and gloves are more akin to Bruce Wayne’s combat soldier Batsuit in the current DC Future State series, Dark Detective.

How old was Helena Wayne when Catwoman died?

In the year 1957 on the parallel dimension known as Earth-Two, the aging hero Bruce Wayne and his wife, Selina Kyle (the former criminal known as Catwoman) had a daughter named Helena. When Helena was nineteen-years-old, a tragic mishap claimed the life of her mother.

Why is Helena Wayne in the Huntress costume?

Due to the efforts of a former henchman named “Silky” Cernak, a photograph emerged revealing Selina Kyle murdering a police officer during her Catwoman days. Anguished by this stain to her mother’s memory, Helena adopted a costume in honor of both her parents and became the Huntress.