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Is Gir Forest open for tourist?

Is Gir Forest open for tourist?

In normal times, the two safari parks remain open to tourists round the year, while safaris inside the GNPWS are allowed from October 16 to June 15. The tourism zone inside the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary (GNPWS) opened to the tourists on October 16 after an early closure on March 21 this year.

For which animal Gir National Park is famous?

Asiatic Lions
Home to the ever-charming Asiatic Lions, the Gir National Park is the only national park in India that nurtures these royal animals. It covers a total area of 258 square kilometres specially regarded as the protected area for these lions.

What is unique about Gir National Park?

Today, it is the only area in Asia where Asiatic lions occur and is considered one of the most important protected areas in Asia because of its biodiversity. The Gir ecosystem with its diverse flora and fauna is protected as a result of the efforts of the government forest department, wildlife activists and NGOs.

What are the Gir Forest famous for?

Gir National Park is the home of the Asiatic Lions, and that is why it is famous. Besides being the haven of lions, it harbors many other creatures, including birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, and trees.

What is the best time to visit Gir National Park?

As the protected area remains closed from June to October, the best time to visit Gir is in winter, from November to March. The summer months of April and May are very hot but ideal for wildlife photography and wildlife viewing.

Which is the best time to visit Gir National Park?

What is the best time to visit Gir?

How long is Safari in Sasan Gir National Park?

Sasan Gir National Park is an abode of number of wildlife species and the sole habitat of Asiatic Lions. Wildlife Safari Trail that permits t to go inside the national park helps you to explore the true wilderness of the Gir jungles and numerous flora and fauna. A single safari rides is of 03 hours.

Is there any eco tourism in Sasan Gir?

Eco tourism is allowed in a regulated manner in some of the identified and best eco tourism zones in and around Gir. The key goals for promoting eco tourism in the region are as follows-

What kind of trees are in Sasan Gir National Park?

Talking about the exclusive flora present in the Sasan Gir National Park and sanctuary, it is densely filled with greenery and dry deciduous trees all around. The main flora of this park include Banyan trees and Acacia trees. Here, you will observe a distinct vegetation belt across the streams and rivers flowing around the park.

Which is the best place to book Safari in Gir?

Sasan Gir is a wildlife sanctuary and a forest located near Talala Gir in Gujarat. The park lies 43 km north-east of Somnath, 60 km south-west of Amreli and 65 km south-east of Junagadh. “This Website is Owned by DTNT Visitors can Book ‘Gir Lion Safari’.