Is Fiona Wood still married?

Is Fiona Wood still married?

Fiona is married to fellow surgeon Tony Kierath and is mother to four boys and two girls.

What is Fiona Wood doing now?

Fiona Melanie Wood AM FAHMS (born 2 February 1958) is an English-born Australian plastic surgeon working in Perth, Western Australia. She is the director of the Royal Perth Hospital burns unit and the Western Australia Burns Service.

How old is Dr Fiona Wood?

63 years (February 2, 1958)
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Who is Fiona Woods husband?

Tony Keirath
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How many lives has Fiona Wood saved?

28 patients
Australian Inspiring Women – Professor Fiona Wood: ‘In mind, body and spirit’ Professor Fiona Wood came to prominence for her pioneering plastic surgery work with Bali bombing victims, when she led a courageous Royal Perth Hospital team and saved 28 patients from shocking burns and infection.

How many siblings does Fiona Wood have?

I was born in a Yorkshire mining village. I had two older brothers so I was a sort of kid sister, but I did have a younger sister.

What did Fiona Wood study?

Fiona Wood was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1958. She studied at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School in London and received a BSc in 1978 and an MB BS in 1981. During her studies she became interested in surgery, particularly plastic and reconstructive surgery.

What was Fiona Woods childhood like?

Fiona Wood was born in a Yorkshire mining village in 1958, the third child and first daughter in a family of four. Her father was a miner and her mother a youth worker and teacher. Wood studied medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, graduating in 1981, after which she undertook general surgery training.

What did Fiona Stanley invent?

Fiona Stanley

Fiona Stanley AC FAA FASSA
Alma mater University of Western Australia University of London London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Known for Confirmed the benefit of folate in preventing spina bifida
Spouse(s) Geoffrey Shellam ​ ( m. 1973)​
Children 2

What did Dr Fiona Wood do?

Fiona Wood, in full Fiona Melanie Wood, (born February 2, 1958, Hernsworth, Yorkshire, England), British-born Australian plastic surgeon who invented “spray-on skin” technology for use in treating burn victims. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School in London in 1981 and worked for a time at a British hospital.

Why is Fiona Stanley so famous?

Fiona Juliet Stanley AC FAA FASSA (born 1 August 1946) is an Australian epidemiologist noted for her public health work, her research into child and maternal health as well as birth disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Why is it called Fiona Stanley Hospital?

Named after eminent Western Australian doctor and Australian of the Year, Professor Fiona Stanley AC (external site), the development of Fiona Stanley Hospital commenced as a result of the 2004 Reid Report (PDF 2MB), which set out a clear direction for the Western Australian public health system for the next decade and …

Who is Fiona Wood and what does she do?

Fiona Wood has been a burns surgeon and researcher for over 30 years and is Director of the Burns Service of Western Australia (BSWA).

Where did Fiona Wood do her clinical trials?

As well as receiving much praise from both her own patients and the media, she also attracted controversy among other burns surgeons because spray-on skin had not yet been subjected to clinical trials. A clinical trial is planned at Queen Victoria Hospital, England. “Fiona wood”.

How many brothers and sisters does Fiona Wood have?

Fiona Wood was born on 2nd February 1958 in Yorkshire, England. She was the third child in a family of four children. She has two older brothers and one younger sister.

When did Fiona Wood become a citizen of the year?

She is an Australian Living Treasure. In 2005, Wood won the Western Australia Citizen of the Year award for her contribution to Medicine in the field of burns research. In 2015, Wood was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. ^ “Fiona wood”. Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved 13 February 2009.