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Is Assassination Rogue bad in Shadowlands?

Is Assassination Rogue bad in Shadowlands?

But Assassination can handle that, and while it might not be the best out of all three rogue specs once Shadowlands finally releases, it will not be the worst DPS spec in the game either, and only needs a few specific changes to become the raiding powerhouse it has been for the last couple of years.

Which covenant is best for assassination rogue?

Best Covenants for Assassination Rogues

Best Raid Covenants
Kyrian Underwhelming Mikanikos
Necrolord Good Heirmir
Night Fae Underwhelming Dreamweaver
Venthyr Great Theotar

What is the highest DPS rogue spec?

Assassination: Best for Single Target Damage For players interested in raiding, World of Warcrafts flagship PvE mode, Assassination rogue is one of the best choices. Ranking as the 6th highest in damage for single target damage according to WoW-DPS and number one among melee DPS specs, Assassination is doing very well.

Are Rogues good in PvP Shadowlands?

Rogues are one of the most difficult classes in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands in both player-vs-player (PvP) and player-vs-environment (PvE) due to their difficult combos they need to execute to take down enemies. In PvP, Subtlety Rogues provide a lot of utility for their team in both rated battlegrounds and arenas.

Is Night Fae rogue good?

The Night Fae Class Ability for Rogues of all specializations is Sepsis. This ability is a pretty strong damage over time effect with good damage per execution.

Are assassination rogues good in Shadowlands PvP?

Assassination Rogue Strengths in PvP Assassination has the highest sustained DPS of all of the Rogue specs in PvP thanks to the consistent damage output from your bleeds/poisons.