Is a Ford 8N a good tractor?

Is a Ford 8N a good tractor?

The Ford 8N is the standard of reliability, built to last for generations. While these tractors do require occasional maintenance, there are no significant design flaws that would make this tractor unreliable. These tractors are easy to work on.

Is it hard to restore a tractor?

Spiegelberg and Kuhn agree that you can easily spend 100 to 250 hours to restore your tractor. “It will take 100 hours to restore a tractor that’s in decent shape,” says Kuhn, “so if you have a hedgerow tractor it could easily take 250 hours or more.

How much horsepower does a Ford 8N tractor have?

Ford 8N

Ford 8N Power
Drawbar (claimed): 23.16 hp 17.3 kW
PTO (claimed): 27.32 hp 20.4 kW
Drawbar (tested): 21.95 hp 16.4 kW
PTO (tested): 23.24 hp 17.3 kW

What does 8N mean on a tractor?

position control
The 8N introduced position control, which is a small up/down handle under the seat on the right side–this was an improvement to the hydraulic system. Both brake pedals are on the same side – 9N and 2N tractors were split.

Can you make money restoring tractors?

If somebody HIRES you to restore their old tractor for them, you can make some money. If you do it on your own, buying, hauling, and fixing old tractors, it’s VERY unlikely you will make enough money if you sell them to make a go of it as a BUSINESS.

What is the easiest tractor to restore?

Probably the preeminent cheap-and-easy-to-repair older tractor is the Ford 9N-2N-8N series (see top of the page photo) but you can also still find parts readily available for other older-model domestic makes such as Case, International-Harvester, Massey-Ferguson, John Deere, Oliver and Allis-Chalmers, although you’ll …

Does 8N have live PTO?

Supporting Member. One disadvantage of the Ford N’s was, they are not Live pto and Live hydraulic. When you push the clutch in, they stop. The mower stops mowing and if it was raised, it lowers to the ground.

What year did the Ford 8N tractor come out?

Official production of the 8N tractor began in July 1947. Equipped with a 4-speed transmission, this model was destined to become the top-selling individual tractor of all time in North America.

Is it possible to restore a Ford 8N tractor?

More than a few small varmints were entombed in the paint on this one! This is not a RESTORATION. A true restoration would require complete dissassembly, cleaning, and repair or replacement of any parts showing the least sign of wear. I just wanted a good looking tractor that I wouldn’t be embarrased to own.

Is the 1947 Ford 8N ready for restoration?

Below are a few photos of the restoration completion of the 1947 Ford 8N tractor. Everything is painted and ready for final assembly. Installing the wiring. Progressing nicely. Front view. Radiator is in, ready for the hood. The finished tractor from the back.

Is there a Ford 8N tractor in New Mexico?

That may just be a big hunk of country hyperbole. But I do know for certain that you can find 8Ns all over this New Mexico valley, some of them looking almost new in fresh coats of Ford red and Ford gray. A rancher I know has three tractors. The one he depends on is the 8N: He knows how to fix it.

How often does a Ford 8N need to be refueled?

The 8N, he added, will burn a gallon of gas an hour, and it will only have to be refueled about every eight hours. He said he could cultivate 25 acres of cotton in 12 hours with one. The 8N is not an antique of limited utility; it can do the same amount of work, the same kind of work, that any modern tractor can do.