How to identify replacement parts for Kohler products?

How to identify replacement parts for Kohler products?

Identifying replacement parts to keep your Kohler product in good working condition can be done using the Interactive Parts Diagrams found on the product’s page on, as shown below. The Diagram provides a visual of the parts that operate the product, the part name and number, and price.

Is there a Kohler toilet flush valve kit?

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Why did I replace my Kohler Class 5 toilet?

Replaced on 11 year old kohler 2 piece class 5 toilet because I noticed a trickle running down the back of the bowl from the tank. This part number came straight from the laminated list under the tank lid but looked nothing like the original I removed.

How much does it cost to install a Kohler toilet?

BTW, total parts cost was about $30 for a very old but pristine toilet in a house about to be sold. For a crappy toilet – no pun intended – a brand new Mansfield 1.6 gal for about $175 + installation may be the better choice, especially if the older unit has been subject to mineral deposits.

What is a paper filter on a Kohler engine?

This is an OEM Manufacturer Sourced replacement part used on certain Kohler Engines. This is a Paper Filter and it is Sold Individually. Its purpose is to filter out dust and debris from contaminating the engine. This genuine OEM oil filter helps to remove harmful contaminants from engine oil.

What kind of pressure balancing unit does Kohler use?

The Rite-Temp pressure-balancing unit cartridge is designed to seamlessly retrofit existing shower valves for easy installation. It is built to withstand a greater range of water conditions and will provide long-lasting performance.

How to identify Kohler wall mount Bath trim?

Start by answering a few quick questions to help identify your product. 1. Room Where Is Your Product Located? 2. Product type 3. Features 40 Products Match the Information Provided Please select the one that looks most like yours from the options below. Fairfax® deck- or wall-mount high-flow bath trim w…