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How to get white label SEO services for agencies

As an agency, the current times is the best phase for your business, isn’t it??? All thanks to the world shifting to the virtual space. From businesses to shopping to professionals all seem to be thriving in the digital space.

However, with the boom comes the pressure. As an agency, there is demand for your services but there is equal pressure to provide SEO services.

Wondering why it is a pressure????

SEO is the key to the digital success, and SEO encompasses a gamut of technical and non-technical services that result in building band visibility. It is a combination of creativity, technical skill and strategic thinking.

Now as an agency, you would be good at business development, client servicing and operations. But are you well versed with SEO techniques??? Can you afford to have all the SEO services under your wing??? As your answer is no, the solution that comes to your rescue is white label SEO services for agencies.

What exactly does it mean to have white label SEO services for agencies

White label SEO service providers are SEO agencies that take up SEO projects as a backend support system at a bulk/wholesale price. So basically, as an agency, you will be at the forefront but the white label SEO agency would be the one doing the actual work in the backend on your behalf.

Thus, it’s loud and clear that white label SEO services for agencies is undoubtedly a boon. But now the next question may arise how to get these services???

SEO services encompass a set of offerings. However, the magnitude and frequency of these offerings differ from package to package. Therefore, if you plan to hire white label SEO service provider, then here are some standard packages that are prevalent in the market:

Monthly plan: This the most preferred and popular package. Here are some characteristics of the plan that makes it the chosen one:

  1. It is ideal to charge the client on a monthly retainer basis.
  2. From the ROI point of view, if the client is aiming at using SEO for brand building, then it is time-consuming. You would definitely need SEO regularly. That’s where monthly SEO proves the best
  3. If you have a limited SEO budget then opting for a monthly, quarterly or annual plan is better. You can divide the funds accordingly, you know what will be the magnitude of the SEO campaigns.
  4. SEO is time-consuming and calls for long term efforts. Therefore, a monthly package is ideal.

Hour Based Plan: The name is self-explanatory. Hour based is the next best and preferred plan. In this plan SEO is billed on per hour basis. This is more like consulting when required. In this case, the SEO expert is available when needed and charges on per hour basis. This plan is suitable when:

  1. When you are sure of the intensity and demand of the project. In other words, this plan is perfect when you exactly know what’s the SEO need.
  2. This plan is perfect when the SEO is targeted or is time-bound
  3. Lastly, this plan is also suitable when you already have an SEO plan in place but need expert intervention for specific inputs.

Per project: Like the name this plan is chosen when you need SEO service for a specific project like product/service launch, new announcements etc. This plan is suitable:

  1. For startups who are looking for that picture-perfect SEO launch.
  2. For businesses when they are launching a new product/service and want that instant fame or visibility.

In addition to the above-mentioned packages, these days, SEO service providers are open to customizing packages as per the client needs. However, irrespective of the package that you choose, ensure that you choose a trustworthy SEO service provider. Here are some tips that you must while be scrutinising the agency options:

  1. Check the agency’s skill set. In other words, does the agency has that set of an experienced team, required SEO tools and bandwidth to take work.
  2. Check the previous work experience. Check the clients handled, the services provided and the performance of the same. Agencies that have handled diverse clients should be your choice.
  3. Understand the working style and gauge the track record of how prompt the agency has been in reaching deadlines. Also, check the capacity of the agency to build the SEO organically.
  4. Lastly but very important is credibility, honesty and transparency check. Ensure that agency is worth being your partner because be it appreciation or criticism, it will be you who will be the face for the client, if things go wrong, you will lose credibility with the client.

With the above-mentioned pointers and a glimpse of how the white label SEO services for agencies work, you are all set to find that perfect SEO partner.