How tall is JaMarcus Russell?

How tall is JaMarcus Russell?

1.98 m
JaMarcus Russell/Height

Why was JaMarcus Russell so bad?

1 overall by Oakland in the 2007 NFL Draft and failed to live up to the expectations of becoming a franchise quarterback. Russell’s lack of work ethic, specifically his inability to keep his weight down, played a huge factor in his disappointing play throughout his short-lived NFL career.

What was JaMarcus Russell’s 40 time?

4.83 seconds
JaMarcus Russell/40 yard dash time

What is the best NFL vertical?

10 NFL players with the highest vertical jumps

  • How is the test performed?
  • #1 – Gerald Sensabaugh, UNC, Safety, 46 inches (NFL record-holder)
  • #2 – Cameron Wake, Penn State, Linebacker, 45.5 inches.
  • #3 – Chris Chambers, Wisconsin, Wide receiver, 45 inches.
  • #4 – Chris McKenzie, Arizona State, Cornerback, 45 inches.

How far can JaMarcus Russell throw a football?

70 yards
Famed for being able to throw a football over 70 yards while on his knees, Russell certainly possesses this area of distance arm strength.

How heavy was JaMarcus Russell?

260 lb
JaMarcus Russell

No. 2
Weight: 260 lb (118 kg)
Career information
High school: Williamson (Mobile, Alabama)
College: LSU

How much did JaMarcus Russell get paid?

JaMarcus Russell signed a 6 year, $61,000,000 contract with the Oakland Raiders, including $32,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $10,166,667. Contract Notes: $32 million guaranteed.

Is JaMarcus Russell the biggest bust?

However, the two contenders for being the biggest NFL draft bust since 1989 are the Raiders’ JaMarcus Russell and the Chargers’ Ryan Leaf.

How tall was JaMarcus Russell in his sophomore year?

By the next season, Russell had grown to six-foot-three and 185 pounds, had received his first recruiting letters and was becoming more adept with the playbook. Russell passed for 2,616 yards and 20 touchdowns during his sophomore year and led the team to the semifinals.

Where did JaMarcus Russell play college football at?

He played college football at LSU, where he finished 21–4 as a starter and was named MVP of the 2007 Sugar Bowl. The Oakland Raiders then selected Russell with the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Russell held out until the Raiders signed him to a contract worth $61 million, with $32.5 million guaranteed.

What did JaMarcus Russell do with the blank DVD?

Regardless of the veracity of the blank DVD story, Russell’s work ethic was deplorable in Oakland. He fell asleep in meetings, went AWOL in organized team activities, might have been addicted to ” purple drank ” and essentially ate himself out of the NFL.

Who was the backup quarterback for JaMarcus Russell?

Russell injured his shoulder in a loss to Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, and missed the team’s bowl game. Backup quarterback Matt Flynn replaced him for the Peach Bowl against Miami, and the Tigers won the game 40–3.