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How Swimmers Choose a Smart Band

Swimming is a great way to keep fit. It’s a good way to get in shape and lose weight. A lot of people know this. For many swimmers, a smart band is the main equipment. In swimming training, people can get more information about their workout via the smart band. This makes it easy for them to make corrections and adjustments in the later training. So, what kind of smart band suits a swimmer more? According to the features of swimming, we will introduce which smart band you need for swimming.

There is a wide variety of smart bands on the market today. Their prices vary. Don’t be careless when choosing a smart band. When it cannot give us the desired information, it’s useless. For swimming, HUAWEI Band 5, on sale, is a good choice. It’s better for swimmers. Its multiple and useful functions are worthy of everyone’s use.

The main function a swimmer looks for in a band is water resistance. The HONOR Band 5 is up to 50 M waterproof. No matter for washing and training, there is no need to worry about water inflow. Moreover, swimmers may care about training posture, heart rate and speed. HONOR Band 5 has built-in six-axis sensor. It can identify four main strokes. They are freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. It can provide proper suggestions for any of these four. HONOR Band 5 uses AI intelligent drive and infrared technology during training. It can monitor real-time heart rate. It can also track oxygen saturation levels in the blood and assess the body’s adaptation. This ensures a safer and more effective training. The HONOR Band 5 can monitor accurate swimming speed, distance and calorie burning. It provides the SWOLF score. This is a function that many smart bands do not have. It becomes the main reason many why swimmers choose HONOR Band 5.

In addition to the requirements on actual use, additional functions are the same important. The dial of HONOR Band 5 can switch styles at your will. No matter in any occasion, you can always keep fresh. For swimmers, sports style is the best. It comes with a variety of built-in sports styles. You can be switch between them at will. It has built-in HUAWEI TruSleep technology. It can provide all-around sleep quality testing during our sleep and rest. It provides more than 200 special assessments and suggestions via identifying the users’ sleep habits. In this case, users can sleep better. HONOR Band 5 is smarter and more convenient. It can standby for up to 14 days on a single charge. You can check real-time messages and reminders with it. Also, you can take selfies. Don’t worry about losing your phone. You can lock the location with its Phone Lookup Function.

Various functions and ease of use are the criteria for choosing a smart band. According to the market feedback from HONOR Band 5, its upgraded version HUAWEI Band 5 Pro is sure to win over the public as well. There will be more useful features. It will make life smarter and more convenient for the public.