How much is the cost of GI pipe?

How much is the cost of GI pipe?

JINDAL G.I. PIPES ‘B’ CLASS SWS – 24% Discount, Gi Pipe Price List

SIZE (IN/MM) Gi Pipe Price list (Per Meter) Light (A Class) Gi Pipe Price list (Per Meter) Medium (B Class)
1/2″ – 15mm 93.95 106.50
2″ – 50mm 320.85 387.00
2-1/2″ – 65mm 446.40 490.35
3″ – 80mm 522.35 629.60

What is the price of GI?

GI Engineering Share Price Update

Share Price Value
Today/Current/Last 3.10
Previous Day 3.10

Which is the best GI pipe in India?

Jindal Pipes
Today Jindal Pipes is synonymous with India’s best Galvanized as well as Black Steel Pipes manufacturer in India since 1970.

What is the length of GI pipe?

Product Specification

Unit Pipe Length 6m
Size/Diameter 1/2 inch
Material gi
Shape Round
Size 1/2″

Which pipe is best for Borewell?

Experts unanimously trust uPVC casing pipes and column pipes when installing borewell setup for both domestic and industrial applications. uPVC pipes are unquestionably preferred over metal pipes due to their superior and sustainable properties that metal pipes lack.

What is the price of 2 inch GI pipe?

2 Inch Gi Pipe Length: 6 Meter (M), Price Range 330.00 – 600.00 INR/Meter | ID: 6236750.

What is the price of galvanized steel?

Current: $1.19/lb.

What is the cost of galvanized steel?

Hot-dip galvanized steel is protected from corrosion in three ways….More Info:

Initial cost Life-cycle cost
Hot-dip galvanizing $0.90/sq ft $0.03/sq ft
IOZ/polyurethane paint system $1.50/sq ft $0.15/sq ft

What is GI pipe full form?

These pipes are widely used for conveying raw water & distribution of treated water in majority of rural water supply schemes, where the requirement of water is less.

How many types of GI pipe are there?

No. Class of Pipe Thickness of sheet
1 Class A 2 mm
2 Class B 2.65 mm
3 Class C 3.25 mm

What are the types of GI pipe?

The three grades are as follows.

  • Light- Class A: The pipe is marked in yellow color for identification.
  • Medium- Class B: The pipe is marked in blue color for identification.
  • Heavy – Class C . The pipe is marked in red color for identification.

How much does a GI pipe cost per kilogram?

GI pipe price list for seamless and welded type including fittings. For fitting not listed below such as flanges, you can use the price of the the BLACK IRON PIPES AND FITTING. The galvanization cost is usually 27.00 Php per kilogram.

How big is a Jindal g.i.pipe?

Above rates are Inclusive of Excise Duty; Modvat Available 5. Quantity tolerance: The Length of the Seamless Pipes vary from 4 to 7 mtrs; Qty Tolerance will be +/- 1 Length (depending on order qty) GI Pipes. Shape: Round, Square, Rectangular

How much does a galvanized steel pipe cost?

Seamless Galvanized Steel Pipes Item No. Description Price per length 4 GI Pipe, 1 1/4″, Sch40, Seamless 2,116 5 GI Pipe, 1 1/2″, Sch40, Seamless 2,527 6 GI Pipe, 2″, Sch40, Seamless 3,360 7 GI Pipe, 2 1/2″, Sch40, Seamless 5,345

Which is the best GI square Pipe Company?

Being a well-distinguished company in the market, we are into offering GI square Pipe. read more… Thank You. We will review and answer your question shortly.