How much HP can you get from a 351 Windsor?

How much HP can you get from a 351 Windsor?

Running Holley HP EFI management, sans turbos, the 351 Windsor dyno’d at 409 horsepower and about 405 pound-feet of torque. That’s pretty stout, but nothing to shout from the mountaintop.

How do you get more horsepower out of a 351 Windsor?

The key to making more horsepower in the 351 Windsor, or any engine, is to move more gas/air mixture through the engine. That means improving the flow in the heads. You can use a myriad of performance tricks to achieve higher head-flow. The first one is making sure air isn’t being restricted as it enters the engine.

How much boost can a stock 351W take?

The stock Vortech HO superchargers come pullied for 8-10# of boost which is considered normal/stock boost IMO!!!

How much does it cost to rebuild a 351W?

If they bore it out (say 0.030 which it will likley need if it’s got 160K on it) you’ll need at least new pistons as well as of course all new bearings and such. Ask around your area and find a trustworthy, reputable guy. Ballpark, I’d say about $2500 for the machine work, rebuild kit, cam, assembly, balance.

What year 351w has roller cam?

Yes, 92 is the first year. You can tell a roller block by the casting number stamped on the block by the starter. It will start with F4TE…….

How to build a 400 hp 351W engine?

I know there is an engine guru out there that knows how to build up a 351W. there has to be a good cheaper way of stroking the motor than buying the expensive stroker kits….. I want 400 hp and 450+ torque and I would prefer a lower rpm torque….. How would yall build this? 400 hp flywheel or rear wheel? I got 420rwhp and its not stroked.

How much does A 351W H Beam cost?

You can get 351W H beams for about $500 if you like insurance. Expensive items in your original idea include: offset grinding crank – big $$$ and balancing may be more expensive than normal, modifying Chevy rods to fit a Ford journal (chev is wider), modifying 351C-2V heads for W water flow and finding a Clevlor intake – $350~$500.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Ford 351W?

The build you describe will be very expensive. Better to do a good stock+ rebuild on the 351W and add some good heads and an intake with either a flat tappet or roller in the 230/240 intake range. You can get 351W H beams for about $500 if you like insurance.

How much horsepower does a 351 Windsor have?

Use a 3.85″ stroke crank with your stock 351 rods and 302 pistons and you cna have extra cubes without any any machining or exotic parts. I agree with the above comments, forget the stroker if you want to stick to a budget. A combo as above should be an honest 300-350 horsepower, and will not really break the bank too bad.