How much hit do you need as rogue TBC?

How much hit do you need as rogue TBC?

Hit and Expertise Tables For most 25-man raids, you will have a moonkin in your raid, so you can generally itemize towards 316 hit rating (or 300 hit rating if you are Alliance and have a Draenei in the party). This hit cap is for white swings, as your base chance to miss a white swing while dual weilding is 28%.

What is expertise rating TBC?

Expertise rating is typically gained from item bonuses, and for each 30.0272 expertise rating you equip, you gain 1 expertise at level 85. Expertise is typically gained from talents, and for each 1 point of expertise you reduce your chance to be dodged/parried by 0.25%.

What is hit cap TBC?

The amount of Hit Chance needed to not miss any attacks is called the “Hit Cap”. At level 70, 15.8 Hit Rating increases your chance to Hit by 1% Against level 70 targets, you need a total of 5% Hit Chance to never miss.

How much hit does a rogue need?

Rogues require 29 Agility for an additional 1% critical hit chance, and Hunters require 53 Agility for an additional 1% critical hit chance, but both of these classes also gain attack power from agility, and the items available to them typically have much higher amounts of Agility.

How do I get lower city Rep TBC?

Lower City is a Shattrath City-based faction in TBC. Most of the reputation with them is obtained by killing Arakkoa and Cabalists in various dungeons, and by doing one-time quests. Lower City offers a variety of powerful pre-raid items and many unique profession patterns.

How much spell hit rating is 1% TBC?

Increasing spell hit At level 70, 12.615 hit rating is equivalent to 1% hit. At level 80, 26.232 hit rating is equivalent to 1% hit.

Is TBC expertise important?

Your Expertise skill reduces the chance for your attacks to be Parried or Dodged. The higher your Expertise, the less of a chance the enemy has to successfully Parry or Dodge your attacks.

How much hit rating is TBC?

Spell Hit Rating: 12.6 rating grants 1% spell hit chance. Critical Strike Rating: 22.1 rating grants 1% critical strike chance. Spell Critical Strike Rating: 22.1 rating grants 1% spell critical strike chance. Haste Rating: 15.8 rating grants 1% haste.

How much is expertise cap in Ragnaros my Rogue?

So, i was looking in the forum and i didn’t find many information about it: how much is expertise cap? in ragnaros my rogue has 26 because “they told me to keep that much” but im not sure about it… Currently it’s dead 22/22. It should be 26/26.

Which is the best stat for a rogue?

Expertise is another very valuable stat for Rogues that increases the chance for your attacks to be successful. Expertise Rating gives you Expertise Points, and Expertise Points reduce chance that your attacks are dodged or parried. For a Level 70 Rogue: 3.94 Expertise Rating = 1 Expertise Point = 0.25% reduced chance to be dodged or parried.

What do Rogues do in World of Warcraft?

While Rogues like to think of themselves as clever, they lack Intellect quite a bit compared to their Spellcasting counterparts. Intellect overs no value for Damage in Raiding or PvP, but it will, however, increase the rate at which you learn Weapon Skill.

What are the attributes of a level 60 Rogue?

For a Level 60 Rogue: 1 5% Hit Rating = PvP Ability Hit Cap 2 9% Hit Rating = PvE Ability Hit Cap, from behind the Boss 3 24.6% Hit Rating = PvE Auto Attack Hit Cap, from behind the Boss