How much does the Google IT certification cost?

How much does the Google IT certification cost?

Google Career Certificates could help you prepare for a tech sector job.

Course Name Platform Cost
Google IT Support Professional Certificate Coursera $39 per month after free trial
Google IT Automation Professional Certificate Coursera $39 per month after free trial

How much do Google IT support professionals make?

Why Obtain the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and Who Is It for? IT support is a high-growth, high-paying field. The median annual salary in 2019 was about $55,000 per year, compared with a median annual wage of about $40,000 for all workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Does Google offer online courses?

Coursera is a global online learning platform that offers access to online courses. Google has worked with Coursera to make Google Career Certificates available on their platform.

Is Coursera Google it support good?

The IT Support Certificate Training Program, developed by Google and hosted on Coursera, help us to prepare for an entry-level IT support job. It covers all the aspects of IT from Sysadmin to Cybersecurity. It is a great course for everyone. The course was really reliable and easy to understand.

Is the Google Data Analytics certificate worth it?

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is worth it, especially for data analytics beginners. A Google certificate is worth getting for its credibility and career resources with connections to 130 US employers, for an affordable cost of USD$39/month.

Is Google certification recognized?

Google Career Certificates will be accepted by the tech giant in lieu of a four-year degree. While colleges struggle to find grads jobs, certificate programs offer professional support. Certificate programs are shorter and cheaper, but may not replace degrees in the long run.

Has anyone gotten a job with Google certification?

37% said earning their Google IT Support Professional Certification helped them get a job. 94% said they would recommend a family member or friend earn their Google IT Support Professional Certification.

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Where can I get free Google developer training?

Google Developers Training is a set of online coding courses created by Google engineers. Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, learn new skills to advance your career. With Grasshopper, a free coding app for beginners, you can easily learn and understand coding without any previous experience.

Is there a free course to learn Google Ads?

You can easily learn Google Ads through Google Free Online Certification course. You just need to signup with your account on Google Skillshop and choose Google Ads Certification. There are various modules and guides which will take you through the learning process. 4. Google Android Development Training

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