How much does it cost to franchise a living water?

How much does it cost to franchise a living water?

Franchise Fee: PHP 50,000. Investment Capital: PHP 500k.

How can I franchise a living water in the Philippines?

How to Apply for LivingWater Franchise

  1. Call through this telephone number: 02 986 5628 for appointment & business presentation.
  2. Source water testing ( free testing)
  3. Site inspection and layouting.
  4. Equipment package selection (with accessories)
  5. Reservation Fee.
  6. Execution of contract.
  7. Fill up DTI application form with 2 pcs.

How much is the franchise for water refilling station?

At present, water refilling station business franchise fees range between 80,000 to 350,000 pesos. Negotiate with suppliers or franchisers. Have the courage to ask for special discounts and make sure to understand the after-sales agreements including warranty and maintenance.

What is the best water refilling station in the Philippines?

Crystal Clear is a water refilling station franchise started by Solerex Water Technologies. Solerex is known for being one of the best water refilling companies throughout the Philippines and has been in operation for over 10 years.

How do I get living water?

To get Living Water, get into your spacecraft and fly into space. Engage your pulse engines and you’ll eventually get a message indicating an incoming anomaly. Hit the brakes and you’ll be greeted by a giant creature (we won’t spoil it here). Speak to the creature and choose ‘Request Sacrifice’.

How do I franchise Aquabest mineral water?

How to Start an Aquabest Franchise

  1. Submit a letter of intent which is available at their website (
  2. Attend the briefing at their head office.
  3. Pay a reservation fee which eventually becomes the franchising fee.
  4. Site inspection.

Is water refilling a good business?

A lucrative venture such as a water refilling station is one many would want to pursue. This is because it can earn you a sustaining livelihood if it is positioned and advertisement well. It is admittedly among the best business plans that most Filipinos choose to try.

How do I start my own water refilling station?

Below are some tips for you to have a good start in this business:

  1. Consider your financial resources.
  2. Look for a suitable location.
  3. Comply with the Sanitation Code, the DOH and other regulatory bodies.
  4. Price in line with the market.
  5. Do not sacrifice water quality.
  6. Offer excellent customer service.
  7. Expand your market.

Is water refilling business profitable?

Unlike seasonal businesses, a water refilling station can be profitable all year round. You will also be serving your community, with customers coming from high- to low-income backgrounds. It’s relatively easier to handle compared to other businesses since you only sell water.

What the Bible says about living water?

In Jeremiah 2:13 and 17:13, the prophet describes God as “the spring of living water”, who has been forsaken by his chosen people Israel. “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water” (John 4:10).

Is there such a thing as a livingwater franchise?

LivingWater is one such company that has been able to corner the market and turn such business into a profitable venture. Wouldn’t you want to learn more on how to franchise such business? Continue reading to know more!

Who is the owner of living water system?

LIVINGWATER SYSTEM, INC., formerly known as the Livingwater Filtration and Water Refilling Station, a sole proprietorship company established in October 2004, engaged in the sale, franchising and management of water refilling stations.

Is the livingwater refilling station a recognized brand?

Livingwater Refilling Station is a recognized brand or trademark that can guarantee you with success. Financing that may come from various sectors may be availed easily when putting up a good reputation franchise like Livingwater Refilling Station.

What do you need to know about livingwater?

LIVINGWATER has added new products and services which include design, distribution, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Water Bottling Systems, Bottle Blow Molding Equipment, Industrial Ice Maker System, Waste Water Treatment Facilities, and the supply of other related industrial equipments.