How much does a Singer Featherweight sewing machine cost?

How much does a Singer Featherweight sewing machine cost?

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Why is the Singer Featherweight so popular?

The Featherweight uses the same low-shank feet and accessories as full-size Singer sewing machines. A beautiful straight stitch is one of the Featherweight’s strongest selling points. Due to the mechanical simplicity and high-quality construction and materials, Featherweights are easy to maintain at home.

When did singer stop making the featherweight?

What years were Singer Featherweights made? Good question! The first Featherweight (a black one) was produced in October of 1933. The last Featherweight, which would have been a White Featherweight, was produced in the late 1960s — about 1968 to 1969.

What model is a Singer Featherweight?

model 221
The model that Singer designated as “Featherweight” was the model 221. Technically, the majority of machines are model 221-1 due to a patent update.

What size bobbin does a Singer Featherweight use?

A 10-pack of metal sewing machine bobbins 45785. Fits Alphasew model 221.

How big is a Singer Featherweight?

Size – Singer Featherweights are very lightweight, hence the name. They weigh only about 15 pounds in their little carrying case. The light weight is due to the cast aluminum body of the machine. The machine is about 15” long by 10” tall including the spool spindle pin.

Can a Singer sewing machine use a featherweight table?

Reproduction of the classic Singer Featherweight Folding Card Table to fit the 221 Singer Featherweight as well as the larger 301 Singer Sewing Machines. Featherweight table may also be ordered for the 301 long or short bed machines. Then you can use a 221 or a short bed 301 in a long bed table by simply sliding them to the left.

Where did singer make the featherweight card table?

Singer over the years had provided a number of cabinet styles to go along with their machines. The Featherweight was no exception. The company offered a card table and cabinet built at its own cabinet factories located in the United States and Canada.

What kind of table was made by singer?

When searching for a Featherweight table, keep in mind that Singer made the same size table for other vintage machines, too, including tables for the Singer 301.

What are the legs of a featherweight table?

A two-legged Table Extension with brown metal legs was also manufactured to accompany the brown-legged table, but they seem to be much more difficult to find than the black style. The most common Featherweight tables are the ones with the black painted table rim and legs. They came with black painted wooden legs or metal legs.