How much does a Burmilla kitten cost?

How much does a Burmilla kitten cost?

Because of their rareness and complicated four-generation breeding process, Burmilla kittens typically cost between $800–$1,200 from a reputable breeder.

Are Burmilla cats rare?

Combining the names Burmese and Chinchilla, this new breed was given the name of Burmilla. While breeding of these cats slowly increased in the UK, around the mid-1990s, they made their way to the United States. Although more people have taken an interest in this breed throughout the years, they are still rare.

Is my cat a Burmilla?

Look at the cat’s ears. Burmilla cats have ears that are medium or large with a broad base. The tips will be somewhat rounded. They should tilt forward slightly, something you can see when viewing the cat from the side. When viewed head-on, the outer line of the ear should appear to lead smoothly into the cat’s cheek.

What does a Burmilla cat look like?

The Burmilla is a cat that is very rounded. The head is round and the tips of the ears are round. The profile shows a “break,” and the eyes are very slightly slanted. The coat of the Burmilla is short and soft.

Are Burmillas affectionate?

The Burmilla is a fairly placid cat. She tends to be an easy cat to get along with, requiring minimal care. The Burmilla is affectionate and sweet and makes a good companion.

How much do Burmilla cats weigh?

Their eyes are only green, but can be any shade. A Burmilla can come in a variety of coat colors: lilac, black, chocolate and blue. Their coats can be either longhair or shorthair. The Burmilla is a muscular, medium sized breed and can weigh anywhere between 6 and 13 lbs.

Are Burmilla cats smart?

Burmilla Temperament and Personality From the Burmese side of his ancestry, he brings a tendency to be sociable with others, including other cats, dogs and children. He also tends to be a playful and inquisitive animal. He’s smart and mischievous, but not so much so that he’s always in trouble.

Who was the first member of the Burmilla Cat Club?

This was the beginning of a life long friendship with Charlie and Thérèse with whom I started the ‘Burmilla Cat Club. At this time I was also a founder member of the Cat Association of Great Britain (CA), which later became the British member of the Fifé and my first kitten Kartush Amretea was also the first Burmilla to be shown.

When did the Burmilla cat breed come to America?

In 1984, Bickford-Smith and Clarke formed the Burmilla Cat Club to promote their new breeds. In 1995, the breed crossed the Atlantic and was introduced to North America. The Burmilla Enthusiasts of America was formed to promote and advance the breed.

What kind of personality does a Burmilla cat have?

Not overly vocal, Burmillas do have a loud, deep-throated purr that they switch on the moment you slide your hand down their silky backs. In all, it’s the Burmilla’s intelligent, affectionate, enthralling personality that wins the breed’s many fans.

When does the Burmese Cat Club calendar come out?

The Burmese Cat Club calendar for 2021 is now available to order! Porthos was living in terrible conditions, read how we helped him find a loving new home. As our members are disappointed to have no show this year we wanted to arrange something fun for you all to enjoy from the comfort of your own home… our first ever virtual show!