How much are tickets to the Texans game?

How much are tickets to the Texans game?

Houston Texans Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 NRG Stadium $142
2019 NRG Stadium $144
2018 NRG Stadium $145
2017 NRG Stadium $125

Where are the Texans playing?

Regular season

Wk Date Venue
1 Sep 12, 2021 NRG Stadium
2 Sep 19, 2021 FirstEnergy Stadium
3 Sep 23, 2021 NRG Stadium
4 Oct 3, 2021 Highmark Stadium

Where do you park for a Texans game?

That’s why we urge you to plan your visit and book parking in advance, especially when going to a Houston Texans game….Parking Near NRG Stadium.

Parking Facility Parking Rate
2616 S. Loop W. Lot $20
2656 S. Loop Lot $20
1400 La Concha Ln. Lot $20
Fannin South Professional Building at 7707 Fannin St. $20

Where do the Texans play in Houston?

NRG Stadium
Houston Texans/Arenas/Stadiums
Exploring Houston – NRG Stadium The Houston Texans began their inaugural season at Reliant Stadium in 2002.

Did the Houston Texans win today?

Brady throws touchdown pass as Buccaneers beat Texans 23-16.

Can you tailgate at NRG 2020?

Tailgating is allowed in all NRG Park parking at all Houston Texans football games or at the discretion of the management. Port-A-Cans, trash dumpsters and ash bins are available in every parking lot. All tailgaters must use these responsibly.

Can you tailgate at Texans games?

Will tailgating be allowed during the 2021 season? We are excited to welcome tailgating back to the gameday experience for the 2021 season!

Where can I buy cheap Houston Texans tickets?

Texans tailgate tickets have a lure of their own as fans roll up with complex setups with all the comforts of home. Whether you’re into tailgating or not, buy your cheap Houston Texans tickets and enjoy the game without worrying about rain under the protection of the retractable roof at NRG Stadium.

How big are the seats for the Houston Texans?

The official home of Texans football seats 71,795 fans on game day and features a playing surface of 97,000 square feet. Houston Texans season tickets give fans a spot to enjoy the games with a live view of the action in one of the league’s most welcoming venues.

Why are Houston Texans tickets so good for Broncos?

Texan tickets for a Broncos game give fans a chance to see old faces among the coaching staff, and Broncos fans remember the moment when the Texans poached their quarterback. In apparent response, the Broncos welcomed disenfranchised members of the Texans coaching staff and went on to win a Super Bowl. That’s a lot to get over on the field.

Are there any refunds for Dallas Cowboys tickets?

TICKETNETWORK TERMS – ALL SALES ARE FINAL Since tickets are a one-of-a-kind item and not replaceable, there are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations. If an event is postponed or rescheduled, tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date.