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How many rounds does a Browning SA-22 hold?

How many rounds does a Browning SA-22 hold?

The SA-22 must be used only with 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition as designated on the barrel. The magazine is designed to hold eleven 22 Long Rifle cartridges.

Does Browning make a 22 rifle?

The SA-22 is one of the first semi-auto rimfire rifles ever made, and one of the most desirable. One of John M. Browning’s final designs, his genius shines through in every feature. The SA-22’s tasteful engraving and select walnut make it an object of lasting beauty and enjoyment.

How accurate is a Browning Buck Mark?

I’ve used many Browning Buck Marks over the years. All have been extremely reliable and exceptionally accurate. A Buck Mark Standard Model I’ve been using produces 1 3/8-inch five-shot groups at 25 yards with Remington target loads.

How much does a browning.22 semi auto rifle cost?

The Browning .22 Auto Rifle is a takedown. Top examples of certain Belgium-made versions of the rifle can fetch $3,250. The svelte little .22 rifle, known by Browning variously as the SA-22, .22 Semi-Auto or just Auto Rifle, has been in production for more than a century.

How big is the bore on a Browning 22 LR?

Belgian made Browning Auto 22 chambered for 22 lr with a 19 1/4 inch barrel that has a bright & shiny bore. There is a line of pitting on the receiver (pictured) and handling marks on the right si …Click for more info

When was the first Browning Model 22 made?

This Limited Edition SA-22 commemorates the 100th anniversary of the rifle. A similar rifle was made by Remington from 1919 to 1949 as the Model 24 and 241, under license from Browning. The main difference in the Browning and Remington versions had to do with a slight variation in the take-down system for removing the barrel.

How does a Browning SA-22 semi auto break down?

The Browning SA-22 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle breaks down just in front of the receiver without tools by turning a knurled barrel nut for convenient transport and storage. Once the barrel is removed, the trigger assembly can be slid out for cleaning and lubrication.