How many levels are there in 100 doors games?

How many levels are there in 100 doors games?

As mentioned above, there are a series of 100 levels and each one is offering you a unique environment to navigate and collect items for the completion of Puzzles. It features endless re-playabilities and lets you visit any completed level any time to play again. The soundtrack is relaxing and will engage you for endless hours of fun.

How does escape from school 100 doors work?

Moreover, the game challenges you to unlock 100 doors playing the game and involves you finding objects, solving tricky puzzles, and escaping room with a brand-new Mobile Game that takes place in a school-themed environment. Get ready for endless fun, because the developer promises to introduce new doors regularly, so there’s no end.

Who is the protagonist in 100 doors games?

Unlike other Hidden Object and Puzzle games, 100 Doors Games 2020 introduces a well-written storyline that follows a female protagonist, named Mya, who gets locked up in her school and seeking your help.

Is the 10 th level fun to play?

The 10 th level is fun to play, as it comes with two lights, such as Green and Red. You can quickly alphabets are written on the board, and upon using your brain, you come to know that you have to tap the button in the given orders, like A for Red button and P for green.

Is there a 100 doors walkthrough for Android?

Here is an 100 Doors walkthrough for Android (complete walkthrough with the solution to all levels of the game!). 100 Doors is a new puzzle game available on Android that is similar to 100 Floors. The goal here is to open the door, but in order to do so you must use your brain to make it happen.

What makes a great door for a classroom?

Math + Kindness = Great Door It’s a clever spin on kindness. 28. Spread Even More Kindness This one gets the students involved, too! 29. Let the Games Begin With a door like that, it is going to be an amazing year.