How many islands does Papua New Guinea have?

How many islands does Papua New Guinea have?

This is a List of islands in Papua New Guinea, as to most of its 600 main islands, by Province listed NW to SE.

What are the islands near New Guinea called?

The mainland of the country is the eastern half of New Guinea island, where the largest towns are also located, including Port Moresby (capital) and Lae; other major islands within Papua New Guinea include New Ireland, New Britain, Manus and Bougainville.

What separates Papua New Guinea from the Solomon Islands?

Buka Island, island of Papua New Guinea in the Solomon Sea, southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Which places made up the Island of New Guinea?

It encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea, the world’s second largest island (the western half is made up of the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua); the Bismarck Archipelago (New Britain, New Ireland, the Admiralty Islands, and several others); Bougainville and Buka (part of the Solomon Islands chain); …

Who colonized Papua New Guinea?

On November 6, 1884, a British protectorate was proclaimed over the southern coast of New Guinea (the area called Papua) and its adjacent islands. The protectorate, called British New Guinea, was annexed outright on September 4, 1888.

Where was Dobodura Airfield located in Papua New Guinea?

Today located in the Oro Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG). During early 1943, the U.S. Army developed fifteen (or more) runways and airfields in the vicinity of Dobodura. Many wartime references simply refer to the entire area as “Dobodura”. The Dobodura area was known by the U.S. Army as APO 503 in reports.

Where was Dobodura located in World War 2?

North Borio Airfield (Dobodura No. 15) located to the south of Borio and Dobodura. The Allies acknowledged the need for an airfield on the north coast of New Guinea near Buna, for use if Lae Airfield and Salamaua Airfield were attacked by the Japanese.

When did the Japanese build Buna and Dobodura?

Examining the terrain of the entire area, they determined that kunai plains area at Dobodura should developed instead of the Buna area. Before any Allied airfield could be constructed, the Japanese landed at Gona on July 21, 1942 and built Buna Airfield.

Is there a second runway at Dobodura Airfield?

Girua Airport (Kenney, Dobodura No. 7) fighter runway still in use today as Girua Airport. Dobodura No. 8 (No. 8) location unknown, possibly a second runway for another airfield. Dobodura No. 9 (No. 9) location unknown, possibly a second runway for another airfield.