How many episodes are there in Nadhaswaram TV series?

How many episodes are there in Nadhaswaram TV series?

Nadhaswaram (Tamil: நாதஸ்வரம்) is a Tamil soap opera that aired on Sun TV from 19 April 2010 to 9 May 2015 on Monday through Saturday at 07:30PM IST for 1356 episodes. It had been receiving the highest ratings of Tamil serials and received high praising from viewers.

Who is Pushpa in the TV series Nadhaswaram?

Married to Pushpa who is the sister of Chokkalingam and Mayilvahanam. He is the Postmaster of Peravurani. He detests his Brothers in law initially considering them to be of lower status than him but gets along well with them later. Wife of Piraisudan. She struggles between her brothers’ family and her husband’s family.

Who is Chokkalingam in the TV series Nadhaswaram?

Hers is one of the wealthiest families in Karaikudi. She fell in love and married Gopi secretly without her parents’ knowledge. Now, she lives in her in-laws house. Chokkalingam’s wife who treats her husband’s nieces as her own children.

Who is Malar’s sister in Nadhaswaram TV series?

Chokkalingam and Meenakshi’s youngest daughter and is in her schooling. These girls help their mother in her flower garland work . Malar’s sister who behaves like a know it all. She advises her sister but ends up choosing a wrong boyfriend. Her parents compel her to marry her sister’s first husband, Gokul.


Who is Thirumurugan in Nadhaswaram TV series?

Thirumurugan as Gopikrishnan Chokkalingam: who owns a tailor shop and has an assistant named Kaja. Gopi advises people and he has respect for his family. Gopi fell in love and married to Malar. The eldest brother in the family. A very kind-hearted and friendly person who always wants his children to be happy.

Who is the wife of Devanai in Nadhaswaram?

Mayilvahanam’s wife. A woman who is almost always not satisfied with what her husband does. She insists her husband to perform Nadhaswaram alone without Chokkalingam but later understood the true good nature of Chokkalingam. Mayilvahanan and Devanai’s one and only son. A useless, irresponsible and rude fellow.


Who is Ragini in Nadhaswaram TV series?

Ragini is a very talkative, beautiful and daring girl training to be a beautician in Coimbatore. She was married to Rajesh, who unknown to her was a psychopath. She later divorced him and married to Rajesh’s friend Guhan. Chokkalingam and Meenakshi’s youngest daughter and is in her schooling.