How many episodes are in season 1 of All Saints?

How many episodes are in season 1 of All Saints?

All Saints – Season 1/Number of episodes
The first season of the long-running Australian medical drama All Saints began airing on 24 February 1998 and concluded on 17 November 1998 with a total of 41 episodes.

When did All Saints start?

February 24, 1998
All Saints/First episode date

How many episodes are there of All Saints?

All Saints/Number of episodes

Why was All Saints Cancelled?

The long-running medical drama has been axed after 11 years on air. Seven’s director of programming Tim Worner said the decision was a financial one, blaming increased production costs and tougher competition. ” is a show which Seven and viewers have loved.

What happened to Jared in All Saints?

Jared Levine He left to work in a drug addiction clinic named after Mitch Stevens. He eventually reappeared in a small cameo as the new partner of Nelson’s ex-wife and were about to have a baby.

What happened to Erica in All Saints?

Erica was a nurse in the emergency department. She fell in love with and later married her co-worker Dan Goldman. Towards the end of the series, after Dan died, Erica was murdered.

Why did Libby Tanner leave All Saints?

While it’s a closely guarded secret about just how Tanner will leave All Saints, she feels the time is right. “My time in All Saints has been a lot of fun,” the 32-year-old says. She wants to spend more time with her 12-moth-old daughter Edi and will look for less demanding work. ‘I’ve been in the show for five years.

Does Luke leave All Saints?

All Saints’ transfusion Popular stars Jenni Baird, who plays nurse Paula Morgan, Martin Lynes, who plays Dr Luke Forlano, Fletcher Humphrys, who plays probational paramedic Alex Kearns and Henry Nixon, who plays nurse Sterling McCormack, have been dropped from the show’s line-up.

Who killed Rose in All Saints?

It appears to them that Terri has finally snapped as she attacks the thorny, brittle Rose. While Rose initiated the fight, it’s Terri who’s determined to finish it. Her colleagues are stunned as they witness their usually sedate Head Nurse use all her force to assault Rose, who soon beats a hasty retreat home.

What happened to the band All Saints?

They disbanded again, the band remaining dormant until 2014, when the foursome united to support the Backstreet Boys on a UK tour. It was a toe in the water, and further dates soon followed. In 2016, All Saints released their first album in a decade, Red Flag, to rave reviews.

Do Ben and Bron get married All Saints?

Plot. Bron and Ben’s big day has arrived and despite his nerves and the unwelcome arrival of her father, they finally make it to the altar. Their beautiful wedding is the first of many for All Saints staff in 2003, a year of love, loss, and new beginnings.

What happens to Mitch and Rose on All Saints?

The moment All Saints fans have been waiting for is finally here. Dr Mitch Stevens has decided to break the news to his wife Rose that their marriage is over!

When did the TV series All Saints start?

All Saints is an Australian television medical drama that premiered on the Seven Network on 24 February 1998. The series aired for twelve seasons, and focused on the fictional lives of doctors and nurses as they dealt with the everyday medical issues that came through the doors of Ward 17, and later in the series,…

Is there going to be a season 12 of All Saints?

Season twelve of All Saints would screen 24 episodes instead of the usual 40 episodes and that production would cease in August instead of November. In July 2009, exactly one month later after the first announcement, Tim Worner, Seven’s Director of Programming at the time announced that All Saints had been cancelled.

Who are the characters in the show All Saints?

Cast and characters. 1 Georgie Parker as Terri Sullivan. 2 Jeremy Cumpston as Connor Costello. 3 Sam Healy as Jaz Hillerman. 4 Martin Lynes as Luke Forlano. 5 Judith McGrath as Von Ryan. 6 Andrew McKaige as Peter Morrison. 7 Libby Tanner as Bronwyn Craig. 8 Ben Tari as Jared Levine. 9 Kirrily White as Stephanie Markham.

When did All Saints Western General Hospital end?

Seasons 4-6 title card. All Saints is an Australian television medical drama that first screened on the Seven Network on 24 February 1998. Set in the fictional All Saints Western General Hospital, it focused on the staff of Ward 17 until its closure in 2004, which is when the focus changed and began following the staff of the Emergency Department.