How many countries begin and end with the letter A?

How many countries begin and end with the letter A?

Of the 194 countries on Earth, 11 countries start with the letter A. A total of 11 countries and three territories in the world begin with the letter A.

What country start with the letter A?

Countries that start with “A”

# Country Area (Km²)
1 Argentina 2,736,690
2 Algeria 2,381,740
3 Afghanistan 652,860
4 Angola 1,246,700

How many countries end in the letter A?

Looking at the list of 193 UN Countries, I count about 65 that end with the letter A.

What country ends with a?

countries ending in A

  • zambia.
  • venezuela.
  • uganda.
  • tunisia.
  • tonga.
  • syria.
  • tanzania.
  • sri lanka.

Which letter has most countries?

Popular letters of the alphabet used for naming countries S, M, C, B, and A are among the most popularly used alphabetic letters in naming countries. Each of these letters has over 10 countries named using the letters as the first letters.

What city starts with letter A?

Cities Starting with A

City Population Country
Atlanta 463,878 United States
Antwerpen 459,805 Belgium
Amagasaki 442,173 Japan
Ananindeua 433,956 Brazil

What country ends with H?

Country ending in h

  • Hong Kong – administrative region of china.
  • Luxembourg.

What is a city that starts with O?

Cities Starting with O

City Population Country
Omaha 443,885 United States
Oakland 419,267 United States
Oujda-Angad 405,253 Morocco
Olinda 366,754 Brazil

Are there any countries that start with a and end with a?

Countries that start with a and end with a. albania; algeria; andorra; angola; antigua and barbuda; argentina; armenia; australia; austria

Are there any countries that start with the letter AB?

Countries beginning and ending with a Abkhazia Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria

How many countries in the world start with a?

There are 11 countries with names that begin with A. A is the most popular letter for country names to begin with. Interestingly, most country names that start in A also end in A, with the exception of Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

Are there any countries that start with the same letter?

There are 16 countries that start and end with the same letter. The countries are:ArmeniaArgentinaAlbaniaAndorraAlgeriaAngolaAustriaAustraliaAntigua and BarbudaSeychellesSolomon IslandsSt. Kitts and NevisSt. Vincent and the GrenadinesCzech RepublicCentral African RepublicTibet (Debatable if it’s a country)